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UPDATE : 5-11 Urgent : Ben Swann And Matt Larson Are Wrong About RULE 38 And Delegates Being Unbound Based On RNC Rules

Just please for the love of God listen and read carefully, this is important.

The talk about rule 38 being in conflict of rule 15 IS INCORRECT.

Rule 38 pertains to the Unit Rule which states very clearly :

No delegate or alternate delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any state or Congressional district to impose the unit rule.


To debate this rule you must first understand what the UNIT RULE IS

This is defined very clearly in your state bylaws as well as the meriam websters dictionary. UNIT RULE MEANS : :

A rule under which a delegation to a national political convention casts its entire vote as a unit as determined by a majority vote.

The key word here is ENTIRE :

The states get around this rule by not binding the ENTIRE group of delegates, they always have at least 1 delegate unbound and it is usually 3 unbound delegates. So they are not enforcing a UNIT RULE in any way.

Therefore; rule 38 does not apply to the argument.

If the delegates are going to be succesful at the convention it is important that they are getting the proper information on the rules as they are written.

Now please stop with rule 38 because Ben Swann is incorrect as are most people pushing this agenda.

You need to be looking at abstaining and what your state bylaws state about abstaining.

UPDATED : I was not WRONG and I knew 100% I was not wrong or I would not have made this post, I was attempting to make sure people weren''t going to try to utilize rule 38 as argument in the wrong manner because it would have hurt the delegates. I was also trying not to say what Ben Swann just said at this moment in time.

If you read my comments on this subject even in this post I state I would talk about other things later, well I guess later is now.

So now that everyone knows not to use rule 38 in the wrong manner and they are free to do what they wish at the convention as far as a delegate vote, they also need to look at what penalty could be enforced on them by their state if they break state party rules should Ron Paul not get enough delegates to clinch the nomination.

As I stated in my post the if delegates are to be successful make sure they are getting the proper information on the rules as they are written.

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I understand what you are saying BUT

Also should be noted that in this rule it says

State or Congressional district

The state may get around this rule by having a few people unbound

But what about the districts?

They are still voting as a "unit" and therefore rule 38 can apply to them!!!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!


Anything involving matt larson always features propaganda and hyperbole. Just unfortunate that ben swann got cauggt up in it. Thanks for the REAL information.

ummm thanks for the REAL

ummm thanks for the REAL information????

be cautious what you call real the verdict is still out on this issue

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

It's pretty clear. No

It's pretty clear.

No delegate or alternate delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any state or Congressional district to IMPOSE THE UNIT RULE.


There's also what I like to call the MattLarsen10 effect. Which stipulates that anything he says must be taken with a grain of huge salt.

After trying to follow this whole thing

I'm very confused and tend to lean towards this post probably being correct. Either way, the campaign knows the rules exactly and are smart in not being public about their plans.

Nevertheless, i agree with you on MattLarsen10. He distorts too much in favour of Ron Paul rather than being objective. And distorting news in favour of someone is not really news, it's what the MSM does.

And if this post is correct, i'll be disappointed in Ben Swann because he has been such a fantastic journalist and it could well hurt his credibility.

I think that is a bad presumption that shifts repsonsibility

I thank you for taking the time to follow this whole thing.

It is likely that only those that wrote the rules know the tricks and traps they set. The rest of us have to figure out what these are.

And more importantly how they might be used one way or the other as we attend caucuses and conventions in our states.

It is possible that you may see something that others missed. The official campaign cannot be everywhere.

Most Convention attendees don't know the rules and this is can and has been used to the leadership's advantage.

If we want liberty as individuals, as individuals we must insure liberty is possible for individuals.

DYI is good.

Free includes debt-free!

Just a bump for Ben Swann

I think he'd have to do WAAAAY worse to lose credibility in my book. Like another poster said, Ben leaves it up in the air for discussion. He was trying to inform everyone that this is definitely something to look into.

At this point

I have to admit, I'm confused. I'm sure we can get this thing figured out in time for Tampa, but for now, I can't help but feel like this discussion is far from over. Yes, you are right, we HAVE to have the correct info to be successful in Tampa. As bad as we want things in our favor, we can't sabotage our selves with hopes and wishes, we need facts and a plan.

I am with you

confused. One thing is for sure: the campaign needs to address this and make a statement. Like you say, there is time between now and the Tampa convention. Perhaps the peopled at the RP campaign are still working on this too.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

Thank You

You are probably right. It isn't as if any of this manouvering is new. The rules are clearly written and re-written by the winners and/or the sore losers over time, and they've balanced things out by binding some and not others.

I'm glad this is being thrown out there, now, for discussion, but I really think that as long as we keep donating, the campaign will provide all the experts we need to coach the delegates in advance. Delegates, contact the campaign and make sure you're in the loop.

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Delegates Contact Campaign

You last sentence is the key factor in all this. Keep in the loop and know what is going on and what you need to do.