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PROOF the RNC is working with the Romney campaign and violating Rule 11




From the official Mitt Romney site

Already hit your limit? If you’ve given the maximum of $2,500 for the primary and $2,500 for the general election to Romney for President, you can still give to the Romney Victory fund, our joint fundraising committee with the Republican National Committee.

Then it goes on giving further incriminating evidence and finishes with this

Paid for by Romney Victory, Inc., a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Romney for President, Inc., THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE, the Idaho Republican Party, the Massachusetts Republican Party, the Oklahoma Leadership Council, the Vermont Republican Federal Election Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and the National Republican Congressional Committee.


Not only are they blatantly violating rule 11 but it seems they are also circumventing donation LAWS.

This may be the straw that breaks the elephants back!

Make this viral fellow patriots!

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should be disqualified

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams

Umm Mitt Romney got my email address somehow

I am on the mailing list for the RNC. I definitely did NOT sign up for Romney's mailing list, how did I get an email from the Romney Victory, Inc campaign? All I can think of is they gave their mailing list to Romney.. They are of course working hand in hand together.

just realized

It says the same exact thing you posted at the bottom of the email. I got this email yesterday at 5:43pm. I guess they aren't trying to make secret of any of this:

Paid for by Romney Victory, Inc., a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Romney for President, Inc., THE REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE, the Idaho Republican Party, the Massachusetts Republican Party, the Oklahoma Leadership Council, the Vermont Republican Federal Election Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and the National Republican Congressional Committee.

this is being dealt with!


executive RNC memebers are calling them out on this and trying to fix it

the rEVOLution will not be televised

Does this count as evidence too:

While he(Priebus) likes to talk about going door-to-door, the RNC has already been quite effective at pushing back on narratives, and this has been vital as Romney has almost seamlessly transitioned from primary candidate to presumptive nominee. “We’re doing daily planning calls with Mitt Romney’s team,” he said.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/05/04/rnc-chair-priebus-i-dont-w...

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

okay, can we disqualify Romney now?

please? that would be really nice.

Truth, Justice and the American way.


This Outright FRAUD is easily illegal once someone has been frauded out of their MONEY. -That's the key... If you make this fraud effect your wallet, then somebody gets arrested, plain and simple, no matter if they are only frauding within their own rules or not!

So, does anyone want to donate a few bucks to the GOP and be outraged when you find out that it's going to fund Romney's campaign?

...Sounds like a world-class, class-action lawsuit waiting to happen to me!


Unbelievable !!

This has gotten WAY outta hand. Where is the MSM ???


In a cave somewhere trying to figure out how they are going to spin the "news" this week when Paul dominates the Conventions and Primaries!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

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Former RNC Michael Steel discusses Rule 11

Interview with former RNC Chairman Michael Steele... explains rule 11. Sounds like each state must request Rule 11 with a letter. However, how do they determine money is only spent in that state?
Maybe we need to contact each state party and protest?

What weasels!

"Well, I say, absolutely. …The last thing I wanted when I was a State Chairman or …when I was a County Chairman, was for the RNC to put its nose under my tent with respect to elections I have responsibility and charge for. Now as the National Chairman, I still hold that view and do not believe a proper role for the RNC is to inject itself in the primary.

Now, our rules do provide for such an opportunity only, only when we receive what is called a Rule 11 letter…that allows for the State Chairman, the National Committee man and the National Committee woman to all sign the letter saying that this candidate is the one that we endorse for the general election.

…There are other elections that are occurring next year where a rule 11 letter has already been done because either there is only one candidate that is going to be in the race and you don’t want to have to sit around with your hands tied when there’s no other primary challenger. (That way) you can go ahead and start basically your general campaign now, as opposed to waiting until next September when the primary is over.

(There can also be a case where) you’ve got, you know, one very, very strong candidate and a number of very, very weak candidates and so as to not tie up resources, you get behind the (leader). But that’s a decision that’s made at the state level, by the state party leadership, and then when we receive the letter, we still have the option of not getting involved in that race if there are circumstances that warrant it.

…My general view is that the national parties should stay out of the primaries. Let the primaries work themselves through, and when they’re done, we get whole hog behind the nominee and win the general election."


So it's official... the RNC will be stealing votes for Romney

on the upcoming primaries including Texas and California...? Thanks RNC for being so open. Why stop there? Just tell everyone that you've also been stealing votes away from Ron Paul since January 2012?

"For Life, For Liberty, and For Freedom, OUR MOVEMENT IS ONE... And We Will Change The Course of History!!"

Emailed the GOP -- I was very

Emailed the GOP -- I was very polite, didn't mention Ron Paul. I simply quoted Rule 11, then the quotation from Romney's website.

Asked them how, if they're going to disenfranchise all the remaining states who have not held their primaries and ignore the delegate process in those states that have not yet held their state conventions, do they possibly expect to create the storm of enthusiasm that the GOP will need to unseat Obama? Why should folks turn out in November if their votes in the primary don't matter?

I await their response with bated breath...


Can i get that email address

Can i get that email address so I can add it to original post?

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Why the concern now and paul's handlers don't care of Romney's

tactics with RNC. Remember, even Paul said that his handlers 'coordinate' with the Romney camapaign and he 'sees nothing wrong with it' and they have 'weekly conversations' on numerous things like which debates they should do, other appearances, etc...

Also, paul says he is buddies with romney, so this info would deflect badly on romney's personal character - that is a liar in all ways to anyone anti-estab.

It was clear early last summer that rnc and media (that blacks paul out) are in cahoots with romney. so if you don't like media, then you should think romney is worse than any of the other conservative candidates that ran.

Those intent on sticking with GOP should stop complaining at some point, bec a concscious decision was taken to stick to gop, knowing its ways and platform. it would be hypocritical to call yourself republicans and at the same time act as if romney disgusts you.


A great many of us have never

A great many of us have never voted Republican and will not do so if Romney is the nominee.

I'm convinced the GOP isn't

I'm convinced the GOP isn't in it to win like 2008. If they were, they would be trying to unite the base instead of alienating Paul's following even more.

I don't think the GOP was in

I don't think the GOP was in it to win in 2008. The two parties are run by the same interests and simply take turns putting forth identical policies. That is why Obama has followed Bush's policies and why Romney promises to do the same. And, of course, that is why they have to ignore Ron Paul - the voters and the vote are irrelevant to the powers that be.

If you are so down on the 2 parties as one, then

why do you want paul even on the crony platform of half of the corrupt establishment. It is hypocritical to suggest what you said and on the other hand not want paul to go libertarian party or independent.


The two-party system as it

The two-party system as it stands is corrupt. By running as a Republican Paul is attacking the corruption head-on. Third party candidates are easily shut out, but the Republicans - even with all their money, power, and media, are having to scramble to shut out Paul. The media can ignore the Libertarian candidate or the Green Party candidate, but when they ignore one of the Republican candidates their perfidy is exposed. They keep doing it and we keep seeing it. The Republican establishment is forced to cheat and their perfidy is exposed. The fact that Romney and Obama are virtually identical can't be seen without Paul's oppposing views. Paul represents the people and it is the people who have been shut out.

You are making things up to remain close to establishment.

No proof or evidence that paul has attacked corruption by formally being a republican. paul has already been easily shut out in gop and there has not been much'scrambling' as you claim. media can only ignore those candidates that don't have much of a platform or background that appeal to people.

huntsman never made it far. paul already has over 15% of the nat'l vote if he were to formally claim to be libertarian/independent as all polls have consistently shown for several months. that gives him the right to be in the debates in the general election if he were an independent. however, paul supporters don't want him to be in the general election in this way - and that is the best way to take corruption head on.

your goal is purely ideological and not governing, hence you want to be make sure you are attached to not conservatism, but romney.


Everybody Screenshot this...

In the event this info starts magically disappearing, I suggest we all have multiple copies on our computers to document it, yes? Yes. Okay go.

Basic info about sharing

Some basic info about sharing

ALT + (the) PrtScn button will create a screenshot of the window.
CTRL + PrtScn will do the entire window.

You can get plugins for your Mozilla or IE browser that will allow you to create screenshots with the click of a button:



Or you can use http://Freze.It to upload and archive a page as I have done with Mittens donation page.

Now, it is archived here:

Tried the link but it was

Tried the link but it was broken :(

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Yeah.. I've been playing with

Yeah.. I've been playing with it too. Not sure why it's not working. Normally Freze.It works great.

I've even tried tinkering with the URL, but that doesn't work.

Useful note... Anything after a '?' in a URL is just a variable and can be deleted. The same is the case with the '&' symbol.

So pretty much everything after the & can be stripped from the URL thus leaving just: https://www.mittromney.com/donate/fight-for-america

Let me know if you get it

Let me know if you get it working

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Thanks I could not remember

Thanks I could not remember that website for the life of me!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

I just called the GOP and told them I am a lifelong Republican.

I did not say I am a Ron Paul supporter. I did say that at first I was so disgusted with their behavior I was not going to vote for Romney and I was not going to vote period.

I told them based on their current breaking the rules and their dishonest behavior I was not being pushed over the edge. I said I do not like Obama in any way nor do I support his policies. However I said I will now abstain as now I am so p-ohh'ed I will vote 4 Obama.

The guy on the phone was not the usual SOB I am used to getting their. He was actually respectful and told me at the "end of today" the chairman would be listening to my voicemail and he thanked me for my meaningful contribution.

I told him I hang out on a lot of blogs and that this will only be the beginning....there are millions like me and GOP has not pssssd us all off and we will not support Romney.

Here's the phone number::; p 202.863.8500


Thanks for the

Thanks for the number!


To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

This was my second call in less than a week...

I received a call from the RNC this morning, it didn't go well... for him. With every attempt he made to tell me how the republican party appreciates my conservative principles therefore they need me to get behind Romney, I countered by telling him I don't trust the RNC because if they truly cared about constitutional conservative principles, they would support Ron Paul. He then used what was most likely a talking point from a list given to him when encountering people like myself by claiming he too likes Ron Paul...'but since we need to defeat Obama ... yada yada yada.' The guy was relentless and told me Obama could win if we republicans don't stick together so I told him the RNC has only themselves to blame and I as well as most people I know, will write in Ron Paul's name rather than vote for either of Goldman Sach's tools. He then tried even harder to tell me if I didn't vote for Romney, Obama would get a second term. I said "too bad, #%*^ em" and hung up.

Keep calling.

This is a great tool to communicate our collective voices.