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FREE: 10,000 Eye-Catching Car Stickers in Packs of 300

Keep trying to type in Bumper Stickers but it won't let me. Anyway, I have 10,000 of those unbelievably beautiful bumper stickers left. Want to get them out there, quickly. Reports are that they are effective in bringing out the vote AND in attracting great attention.

Caveat: you must make every effort to apply them on the cars directly. Tell people who like them that you'll apply the sticker right then and there.

In packs of 300, 100, or 50. Still some Super Brochures left (about 5000), available in packs of 100. Postage would be appreciated. PM with the exact amount you need, and I'll tell you the postage. These will go out on Monday/Tuesday for California, Texas, Montana, and Arkansas and any other upcoming states.

Here's a testimonial:

"Good day! Thank you so much for printing
that lovely Ron Paul bumper sticker. It is truly
attractive and effective. Now, how does one
go about getting some of these? Please let me know.
I like the design so much, I would like to have it on
a shirt."

Here's another one:

Dr. K

I want to thank you for the "Ron Paul for President" bumper stickers. The quantity of 50 went in only 2 days. The good neighbors of liberty are begging me for more to give to their friends. It seems that the folks are more awake around here than I had anticipated. I am pretty sure that a quantity of 300 could be attached around town in only a matter of days IF you could send more. Additionally, a companion sticker such as "End the Fed" or "Restore the Country NOW!" or "No One But Paul" could also be read around town as well, if you have any of that type or what ever you think appropriate.

I will do my part to get our choice into the White House and Restore America NOW.


Amarillo, TX 79107

My neighbors thank you

Note: see the sticker, here: http://healthfreedom2012.com/HFblog/2012/03/01/brand-new-ron...