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Where's LawrenceFlash?

Did you kick this guy/girl out, Mike? Hmmm, I guess that's your prerogative since it's your site. Even though I voted him down, I do like alternative perspectives...even when they don't support Paul. Yes, some of his/her remarks devolved to name-calling, he/she had SOME interesting points.

The one thing I wanted to ask him/her was this:

LawrenceFlash: You seem pretty settled in your convictions that Ron Paul has no chance. That's fine. You think Romney has the GOP nomination all tied up in a nice bow. That's fine too. How comfortable, however, are you with the notion that Romney can/will beat Obama w/out Paul supporters? I'd surmise that you'd agree that, at least based upon the discussions you've had here and w/ Paul supporters, that a majority (if not all) will not vote for Romney. Whether you think this is foolhardy, stupid, ignorant, etc., is beside the point. It's more probable than not. Given that fact, why don't you think that a rational conclusion by Romney supporters would be to drop Romney for Paul, since it's clear that Paul picks up many more ex-Obama supporters than Romney does? If we had all of the GOP, including, obviously all Paul supporters + some ex-Obama supporters, we'd have this locked up. Thoughts?