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Mitt Romney’s Iran Oil Investments

Another stick on the romney crime camels back.

More mitt romney crime continues to surface as fast as they can suppress it. What everyone that even has a small concern for this country must ask themselves is, DO WE ALL REALLY WANT ANOTHER CRIMINAL IN THE WH?

How can anyone with a rational mind even consider voting for another bankster puppet with more and more of his criminality coming forward, and there is more, over Ron Paul that has no criminality in his rather pristine 40 years of records? How any one can look at the records of romney and even consider another criminal is far beyond ludicrous. Any simpleton can ask, more crime ridden reports about romney, or shall we elect an honest man with no reports of anti-American crimes in his record?

From this report below:

"In 2007 Mitt Romney was gearing up for another Presidential run and he called for New York and California state pension funds not to invest in Iran. At the same time, he himself was investing in Iranian oil.
A Liar, a Flip -Flopper, a guy who you can’t seem to get past all the gaffs and distortions and a guy who earns 20 million a year off of the backs of companies he destroyed while CEO of Bain Capital.
As a Mormon, as an American, as a Republican there are no morals in this man Mitt Romney will make money any which way he can, even if he lies about it."

Read the rest of this scathing report here and pass it on:


PS: Have we got a running thread listing all of the crimes that the mitt romney has committed, is involved in, and has still pending going yet?


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