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Maine State Convention Updates & Open Thread

My brother will be at the convention this weekend. He will be sending me text messages during the Convention to keep us all up to date.

Hopefully others will share their updates here as well........

Update #1 Just arrived at the center and I am currently standing on the Convention floor. It's going to a wild time. I will be here bright and early Saturday morning!!

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*Three Cheers for National Hero*

!!! Brent Tweed !!!

The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution

I taught him everything he knows....

...just kidding, my friend!



(Just for a little background...Brent, State Rep. Aaron Libby, Larry Ringrose and I were the only four Ron Paul people elected to State Committee four years ago. Last night, I bet we elected 50!)

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."


I just think Brent did a fantastic job up there and he is a great guy as you know, being fair but firm and fending off the machine for two days... Wow! Just Wow It was great to experience... Congratz everyone!

The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution

WE DID IT!!!!!

"Remember the Maine!" We took every vote, though some were razor thin, such as the second key vote which went to our campaign chair, Brent Tweed, by a mere four votes.

Eric Brakey, Paul Madore, Brent Tweed, and our entire Ron Paul team were awesome. Patient, smart, calming, etc. We simply outhustled the Romney goons all weekend, and kept our cool AND WON!

I see others have already cataloged our victories...21-3 in delegates, all 24 alternates, RNC Committeman and woman, etc., but one victory which hasn't been mentioned is that we may very well have also taken victory in the races for the open state committee seats. The Maine State Republican Committee controls Charlie Webster, and if we get the majority we may decide to dump him. What I know for sure is we swept all the open state committee seats from the following counties: Aroostook (my county), Penonbscot, Kennebec, Piscatiquis, Cumberland (our largest by population!) and also took most the open seats in our second most populous county--York County.

NOW...the rumors keep floating that crooked people may challenge our victories for various bogus reasons. Key among these charges may be an attempt to say we acted without a quorum late in the day when many Romney supporters had simply given up and left. The RINO credentials committee tried to boost up (bogusly) the number of total delegates at the convention so that a quorum challeng could be launched more easily. My personal victory was getting it ON THE CONVENTION RECORD that they lied about the numbers of delegates actually in attendance from several counties. Aroostook had only 46 there, but yesterday they reported we had 336, and then today they "corrected" it to 79. We got the 46 into the official record, so they can NOT use that argument to try to nullify the convention.

Very tired....back tomorrow with more news.

God bless you all. Thanks for the prayers!!! GO NEVADA!!!!!

For the Republic and Its Creator,

Steve Martin
Host, The Aroostook Watchmen Radio Show
780 AM in Monticello, 1700 AM in Lewiston, 88.1 FM in Westbrook, 88.1 FM in Orono, 96.5 FM in Brewer, 96.5 FM in Bangor, Maine.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Thank You, Lord

And thank you all you fantastic Constitutionalists fighting for our freedom. Thank you for your report and getting the truth on the Convention Record - way to think ahead - ALRIGHT!!

Steve, you are da' man.

Thanks for your efforts and the report.

Just got home...what an

Just got home...what an experience...so proud of all our people. I could cry and scream for joy at the same time. Ron Paul people are the best! We won everything.



I could hardly believe it when I was told I could finally go!
As far as I can tell, I don't think we lost a single vote.

Good work RHINO!!

Thanks to all of you exhausted patriots for doing the Lords work..It is another step towards our goal...Liberty..

What stinkin' HEROES you guys are!

Man, sittin' here at my computer in San Diego and watching all this come down, I could not have been prouder of he way you guys overwhelmed the establishment. It was SO FREAKING AWESOME to watch! I mean I really just could hardly believe what I was seeing, it was almost surreal. Guys like me sitting here really just don't have a clue of what you guys went through to pull this incredible victory off. Congratulations. And then to see it happening all over....again and again. Man, if we can pull this off in CALIFORNIA, how huge will THAT be? And if we do Texas too, it'll pretty much be in the bag then. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Savor these victories, as they are so sweet. You guys were just amazing.




Sunny congratulations from Australia! Had to go to bed last night but was praying it all went the right way in Maine, and looks like it did! Could it be that America is once again going to be the shining beacon of liberty to the world? Respected, imitated and looked to for leadership and example by all nations? I think so!!! Hallelujah! On to Tampa and may God grant Ron Paul righteous victory!! GO RON PAUL!!!

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

You guys executed like pros

You guys executed like pros and out-planned and out-organized a billionaires campaign team and the corrupt state GOP in Mitts back pocket. Romneys lawyers can pound sand. Enjoy your victory.

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race. -H. G. Wells

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Thank you for that.

I think I will have a beer- and maybe a shooter.


The Maine GOP and their support of Romney caused the extensions...let them pay for it. I hope they get billed 20,000.

Dr. W. Sumner Davis

Even the Romney supporters

Even the Romney supporters laughed when I said "Well, Romney is a millionaire......"

How many alternates did we get?

I am sorry to keep asking, but I need this information for a thread which I maintain that is devoted recognizing and encouraging our alternates:


Thank you!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

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We got 15 at large and 3 more

We got 15 at large and 3 more from each of two congressional districts= 21.

In other words all of them!

Ok, thank you!

And thank you for your hard work this weekend!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

I'm Fired Up !! .....This Campaign Is On A Roll!!

Watch Ron Paul's "Super Tuesday" Speech

"Never Let it be said that we did nothing, that no one cared" ~ Ron Paul

The rEVOLution continues forward, to Tampa,.....and beyond!

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It feels so good to win!

I just got home and we took EVERYTHING we wanted. It was 21 of 24 delegates and all 21 alternates for Paul, three super-delegates of course are Romney's. We also won National Committeeman and Committeewoman and Presidential Electors. Again, the results could not have been better.

What a huge day for Liberty and the movement.

Congratulations to our brothers and sisters in Nevada!!!

Go Ron Paul :)


Three of the alternates weren't official when they ended it. That's what the final counting hadn't produced. That and the elector, both for District 1. If only THEY had opted for hand counts as did Distric 2! We would have been out of there hours earlier!

There were too many Romney

There were too many Romney supporters then, most of them cleared out by the time district 2 started.
I'm sure we have it all, we didn't lose a single vote that I remember.


Wish I made it today! Thanks for carrying on the fight. So its over now right? Someone here asked when the.convention rexonvenes?


Way to go!!!

Is it possible they are conducting State Central

committee work? I see in our MN State Convention they will have a State Central meeting after the convention to conduct different matters... But I can't hear anything the guy is saying right now?

I remember reading in Russian history classes

my freshman year in college about how it was these same type Soviet committees that established exactly who was to be executed and who was not. These were / are a subset of the now Russian (not Soviet) Politburo, the Russian equivalent of our Congress. 60 + million Russians were killed. Food for thought. Read Agenda 21..wake up to the true reality.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

All over?

I gotta think its over. The strea
m is offline is it not? I think its revordings that come up if u click on it now??

Looks like the RP people brought sleeping bags

Still going on?

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Are they still up at civic center? Its almost 9pm! They only had it rented until 6pm. I cant view stream, im on phone. Been keepin tabs all day and night. Wish I could have been there today too but just couldn't. What is going on should I be going back up there?