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10 year old girl nails speech at Utah Republican State Convention

10 year old girl, nails speech at Utah Republican State Convention.


You have got to watch this!

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Whats this mention

about God talking about our constitution? Is that a mormon thing?

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero

Yes, I believe so.

As is, I think, "Doctrines & Covenants", which she references.

Well Read, and Well Rehearsed

Obviously, an adult's speech. She read it, well.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Hearing a 10 year old speak of the Constitution

gives me great hope for the future of this country. Maybe she will be president in 2060. Nothing wrong with having a president that has been talking about the Constitution for 50 years, right?

Orrin Hatch, Dan Liljenquist, Faith Ashworth & the Constitution

It is interesting that Faith Ashworth's speech mentioned the constitution and she probably understands it on a 10 year old level, however, Dan Liljenquist and Orrin Hatch speak of the Constitution about on the same level as Faith. That may be due to the fact that most of us educated in the government school system (called the public school system by most)understand the Constitution on a 10 year old level and the politicians are merely speaking on our level. I believe the Constitution is in trouble because most of us do not study or understand it.

I doubt Faith Ashworth will ever be President of the United States, however, I believe she will grow up to be a great patriot and you know that probably has more value to her and to America.

Utah County Patriot


Utah has NOT yet held a convention, right?! Must be from a previous one?

What does the guy at 6:23 have on his lapel? Is that a Mormon symbol? Why no American flag pin?

It was the Utah state republican Nominating Convention apr 21st

That guy is Jeremy Friedbaum, the senate candidate the girl was nominating. Her dad's friend.

That symbol is a combination of a Jewish and Mormon symbol, the Star of David and Angel Moroni. First time I've seen something like that, but not surprising, just novel. Jeremy Friedbaum is a Jewish convert to Mormonism. He's displaying his spiritual background, in other words he's basically pandering to his known predominantly Mormon audience which also happens to be very sympathetic to judaism to let them know yes he's "one of them". Sad, but it is what it is. People like to vote for one of their own.

Faith, and her parents who helped her write the speech may or may not be supportive of Ron Paul, judging by the speech, it hit a lot of very important points, but I doubt Jeremy Friedbaum is, judging by his website:


18 Political Celebrities I Almost Always Agree:

-Michelle Malkin
-Joseph Farah
-Jim Demint
-Rush Limbaugh
-David Horowitz
-Glenn Beck
-Ann Coulter
-Clay Larryman
-Rabbi Lapin
-Alan Keys
-John Bolton
-David Barton
-Michael Savage
-Laura Ingraham
-Mark Steyn
-Bridgette Gabrielle
-Daniel Hannan
-Michelle Bachman

For someone who supposedly believes in the constitution I have a hard time believing he'd put these hacks (possible exception Daniel Hannan) front and center on his campaign site. Cognitive dissonance much? Or is it an ultra stealthy strategy to hoodwink neocon sheep into thinking he's a mainstream guy? Perhaps someone in Utah would know better and could shed some light on him for us. He's apparently been campaigning since 1998 without much luck other than upsetting Chris Cannon in a primary back in 98 for better or worse, causing then Republican Gov Michael Leavitt to then make robo calls to democrats to stop this "constitutional extremist", and led to Utah being a closed primary state, allowing Bennet to be kicked out and more conservative candidates like Lee and Chaffetz to be installed, according to him.

Anyway, great speech by the girl though. She did a good job, but I always feel queasy about parents doing this to their kids. Whether making them do this, or even allowing them to do so, in order to push a political agenda they cant possibly fully understand at that age and subjecting them to the public spotlight and scrutiny, just doesnt seem right.

So it's either this guy or

So it's either this guy or Orin Hatch? Talk about a rock and a hard place!

It is either Orin Hatch or Dan Liljenquist

Actually Jeremy Friedbaum did not make it through the first round at convention. Faith Ashworth's speech probably was very helpful to Dan Liljenquist who IS in a Primary with Orrin Hatch. Senator Hatch has not been in a Primary for decades. Dan Liljenquist will be out spent probably 10 to 1 by Hatch it is a David vs. Goliath battle....STAY TUNED.

Utah County Patriot

Good luck out there!

Be bold!

“Let no one lose heart on account of this Philistine; your servant will go and fight him.”

Dan Liljenquist Could Use A Little Luck

Dan Liljenquist could use a little luck, he lacks funds and time is running out. My hope is that many Utah Republicans will watch Faith Ashworth's speech before they vote in the Primary. Faith's speech was right on target on several important issues. I have to agree with Faith; Orrin Hatch would do well to spend some quality time with his grandchildren and great grandchildren and let a new good guy take his spot as Utah Senator. I believe 36 years is enough for anyone to do their job.

Utah County Patriot

I Was At The Convention And Saw The Speech

I have read this thread and thought I should comment. I was actually at the convention and saw this speech live. The speech by this ten year old was one of the best speeches of the day. This speech was the first speech of the day for a candidate. The delivery was incredible for a ten year old. Someone on this thread said she looked nervous, it sure did not look that way to me, and I was there.

A couple of people mentioned "the guy on the left" moving his lips and thought that was creepy, actually he was merely reading the speech off the teleprompter, tacky I agree, but not creepy. That most couldn't tell it was a teleprompter read speech says a lot about this 10 year old girl. She was nearly flawless. Many of the speakers read their speeches off the teleprompter, most did not do any better job than she did.

In my opinion, Faith Ashworth's speech was spot on particularly concerning the 15 trillion dollar debt we have left her and other 10 year olds to start paying when they are only about 6 or 7 years older. Shame on us, and shame on this system. The Federal Reserve has enslaved us in a way no other enemy could have. The greatest Superpower in the world has allowed the Federal Reserve to enslave it's people and their posterity for generations to come. No bombs were dropped, no troops were needed, however, the enslavement seems nearly certain. We need Ron Paul now more than ever.

Utah County Patriot

I sure hope that...

Faith, and her Parents are supporting Ron Paul, and not Mitt...

That Is What opensecrets.org Is For

If you really want to know if Faith or her Parents are supporting Ron Paul the fastest way to know would be to go to opensecrets.org and look up Faith Ashworth in Utah and see if there are any contributions. You would need to find out what her parents names are, but in this day and age that would not be too hard to do.

Utah County Patriot

I'm guessing she is home schooled.

I find it's often the case that kids who are very good at things are home schooled, especially when it involves relating to adults. I think this is something she rose to very willingly and that she's had experience in public speaking. She's good and she knows she's good.

To all who think she was pressured into this, I think you are projecting yourselves too much into the situation. At her age, and even now, you might rather have died than get up and address a huge room full of serious adults. Am I right? Just know that there are some kids who are unafraid, even eager, to do stuff like this.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I liked it

and Hatch does need to go.

Orrin Hatch Needs to Go With Dignity

Orrin Hatch had the perfect opportunity to leave the Senate at the top of his game. Dan Liljenquist would do a fine job as a United States Senator. Faith Ashworth's speech brought up many salient points regarding Orrin Hatch and why it would prudent for him to be replaced. Yes, Orrin Hatch does need to go, however, Dan Liljenquist's underfunded campaign may not be enough to get Orrin Hatch out. Dan needs about 1,000 Faith Ashworth's on his campaign team and he doesn't currently have them. Time is running out for Dan Liljenquist this time around. In 6 years Faith Ashworth will be 16; if Dan runs then maybe he will be smart enough to have Faith and her patriot friends on his team.

Utah County Patriot

can any1 say.....

indoctrination. kind sick really. just my 2c

i disagree, parenting is NOT

i disagree, parenting is NOT indoctrination, she looked nervous and embarassed, which is what any kid would look like speaking in front all those adults, don't assume you know things, it shows ignorance

Nervous and Embarassed Faith Ashworth Was Not

I was at the Utah Republican Convention and saw Faith Ashworth give her speech. She did not look nervous or embarrassed to me. After the speech she shook hands with several people. Seemed to look everyone in the eye and had a genuine smile on her face. Nothing beats being there. She is a little girl with poise and polish. Good job Faith Ashworth.

Utah County Patriot

kinda odd that you would

kinda odd that you would bother to say this when i was essentially on your side.., i saw her give that speech too, and yes she was nervous and embarrassed at times, but she obviously wanted to do what she did.. what are you accomplishing by saying she has balls of steel? I would be nervous and im an adult, i wasn't saying something bad about her. I respect what she did and defended her doing it, go attack someone else... AND you have only commented on this post? Are you that guy that was mouthing out her speech the whole time or something?

you can TELL when kids are

you can TELL when kids are doing things they DONT want to be doing, she DOES NOT have that look, she might not understand just how important what she's saying is, or fully understand what's being done to her by washington, but she is a great and WILLING to be the posterchild for the speech, and willing to deliever it hoping to make a difference

to me . . .

it felt as though a child was being "used".

She may have said some good things, but--

only about social programs; it felt manipulative to me.

If she had said, "don't let children like me go and fight useless wars" I would have felt much more hope. But obviously the people who "used" her did not have that in their plan.


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


Teaching kids public speaking is a good thing. She reminds me of Shirley Temple who grew up to become a singer, dancer, autobiographer, U.S. Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia and American film and television actress. She was the top box-office draw in the world four years in a row.

Are the hated piano lessons using a kid, or is it just the recital where Mom and Dad show off what the kid can do?

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ

all of us are being used

all of us are being used everyday, we're using her future to eat today, just as the generation before used us, let her speak, anyone entering the liberty movement is "used" by the cause, she stands to gain the most from liberty, why should she not be allowed to join it?

She talked about the things that would produce the most widespread support, many wish RP would stick to the things that most people agree on, and force the hard issues when he has the power to do so.. different methods, the same goal

OK... don't get too...

... critical... she admitted that someone else wrote the speech, but she delivered in all sincerity. And telling old Hatch to take a hike, is just great. Don't bring religion into it. It's beyond me and I don't even try to figure it out. Each to his own. we have a Republic to save and she shared some hard truths. I'm OK with this. Every little bit helps.

Plano TX

her parents

obviously wrote that for her

yeah, thats what she said...

yeah, thats what she said...

What creeped me out was that

What creeped me out was that the guy on the left was mouthing the speech like he had made her memorize it!


Mee too

I had to hit the stop button at that point.