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(Video) Calling out the RNC and for the resignation of Mr. Reince Priebus from the RNC

We must call out the RNC for violating its own rules.

Rule 11 of the RNC specifically prohibits the RNC from financially supporting any political candidate until that candidate is declared the official nominee. Romney is not yet the nominee, yet the Romney Victory fund is a joint venture from the RNC. Please see my video.


I called the RNC (again today) twice and hit choice 1 and choice 2, and left a message both times how Reince Priebus is violating Rule 11 that he should resign.

See my post from earlier today: http://www.dailypaul.com/230841/action-item-of-the-day-call-...

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exquisite Mirand

exquisite Mirand



I see more than one rule thats being violated here

Reince, what ever happened to I before E except after C?

I see that the name has already been corrected in the title

Folks, I know we grammar and spelling Nazis are annoying, but getting someone's name wrong is actually a pretty big deal. Proofread ESPECIALLY your titles and headlines before posting. The name is Reince Priebus, not Preince Priebus. Also, don't waste time making fun of a name.

Now, as for the substance: this is exactly the kind of thing the GOP establishment are going to want to be doing, and exactly the kind of thing which RP2012 stands in their way of doing. TOO BAD. Rules are rules and they do have to follow them.

There's a reason we're not folding like the others. We are different. This is a teachable moment for some, and the pain of the morally bankrupt (present) GOP leadership is going to be part of the education process.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

The obsession this site has with spelling is bizarre

...glad I don't text some of you. It would be a nightmare. These are blog posts...I've got no clue why it's so important that we have to backspace or jump to a spell checker just to post a reply. I've yet to come across someone's spelling error that has been so bad that I couldn't figure out the word.

Rules are rules, depending on what your definition of "are" is.

"Rules are rules and they do have to follow them."

They do? Why? They just make 'em up as they go along. If their arbitrary BS makes someone cranky, I expect their little hearts will just break. (And then, like Dick Cheney, they'll get new hearts, over someone's dead body.) What are the consequences, when they fail to follow their own rules? What's our recourse? To what higher authority does the RNC report? To whom can their decision be appealed? And if some higher authority does exist, is that authority likely to reverse the RNC position?

Does anyone have an encouraging answer to ANY of these questions? If so, please bring it out, because I'm grinding my teeth here.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition, http://www.amazon.com/Most-Dangerous-Superstition-Larken-Ros...

Good points!

And we should probably not refer to our selves as any kind of "nazis" either:)

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed

Rinse Prius


Preince Priebus???

wtf is this dude an Ancient Alien or something?

and what's up with his name being basically "Prince" lol you can't make this stuff up.


more like Prince Pubic ... leader of the D--- heads.

Sent to media

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