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FULL explanation of Ron Paul's Financial Services Committee Hearing with the Federal Reserve Tuesday

Wrote up an explanation as best as I could, offered a short explanation of the legislation being proposed and discussed, along with the important location and time information.

LINK: http://livingnotsurviving.com/2012/05/04/abolish-or-reform-t...

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Great Explanation of Tuesday's Hearing

Thank you and I really like what you say on your home page about your site:

"Living Not Surviving is based around the idea that to truly live, to do the things we love and accomplish the goals we strive for, we must have liberty and health. And without liberty and health, we do not truly live, but instead, just survive."

Hope everyone will visit.


Thank you Fonta! Hopefully we

Thank you Fonta! Hopefully we yield some good news on Tuesday!

Living Not Surviving


3 out of the 6 Bills being

3 out of the 6 Bills being proposed seem decent,the other 3 seem like dribble-dabble just altering minute things such as terms of service and defining the mandates of the Fed, also put a link up towards Ron Paul's H.R. 1098, the Freedom in Competing Currencies Act which seems to be gaining traction and support from larger groups...

Living Not Surviving