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Ron Paul @ NV Convention -Comments & News Open Thread

Friends, I will be live streaming Ron Paul's address to the Nevada GOP Convention tomorrow, May 5th. I created a ustream account to accomplish this:


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for those of you who fell in love with Wiz while watching

for those of you who fell in love with Wiz (Wiselet Rouzard) while watching, here's a pic of him with Dr Paul:


He was a Liberty hero at this NV convention, insisting on getting rid of those non-ID'd fake delegates and also insisting on real counts for important votes that the (old Rom) chair was trying to incorrectly call!

Can we document?

The number of "delegates" signed in before the lunch break, the number the NV GOP's "clerical error" allowed for,and can we get a short video of them admitting the clerical error that somehow these ghost delegates had become aware of? A clerical error should have been figured out when less showed up. To have fake delegate badges on bused in "delegates" ... well I find there are very real true coincidences.

Important thread, please vote UP and share

Republican Executive Committee Member Calls for Resignation of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus


We need to support this man so others may follow.

Wow read this :)

I found something that perked me up. :)

Read it if you want. :)


Great article! Thanks!


Considerations for the 2012 U.S. Presidential Race from the Mind of a Political Independent-Use this tool to educate the unconverted and prove support for Dr. Paul among Independents.

Video Account of NV Convention

As a delegate to the Nevada Convention, I created this video to discuss my observations of both the satisfying and the frustrating occurrences, while they are still fresh in my memory. I try to be as objective as possible in assessing what went wrong, and what went right. I hope you enjoy and derive value from these thoughts.

G. Stolyarov II
The Rational Argumentator

He wants to be called "phillip-ee."

That part cracked me up.

Also, I heard the antic of Abraham Lincoln jumping out the window live, but it was fun to learn that you're actually the one that brought that up. That was the one bit of humor that I noticed at a very long drawn-out convention. It really stood out. Bravo. Do you have video of that or recall about what time that took place?

And I think your conclusion is right on; one cannot hope to change anything by not participating (sometimes Lew Rockwell bothers me when he tells people to just not participate). Our problem seems to be that not enough good people have been participating in the past - leaving bad people to take charge.

Nevada and Maine have lifted

Nevada and Maine have lifted this campaign. Your hard work, spirit and tenacity are the heart of this campaign. This is the turning point and when we look back on history we will owe it to all of you in Nevada and Maine who worked so hard and overcame so much adversity. God Bless.

Reno, NV NBC, KRNV actually covered this! Wow!


I actually couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this!

A non-Ben Swann actually telling the Truth on the TV?


Courtesy of My News 4 Reno (NBC, KRNV, Reno, NV).

Thanks R11110000 for the YT upload!

Romney Passing Out FAKE Ron Paul Slates At Nevada Republican Convention May 6, 2012

Published on May 6, 2012 by R11110000

Ron Paul supporters trumped presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney in Nevada's delegate count, taking 22 delegates to the GOP national convention in August. Romney got 3. The results were certified Sunday as the state Republican convention slogged into a second day. Romney won Nevada's caucus in February with half of the vote. Under party rules adopted last fall, Romney was to get 20 of Nevada's 28 delegates for the national convention, and Paul was to get eight.
Paul backers say delegates will abide by those rules in the first round of balloting at the national convention in Tampa.
It remains to be seen whether the Romney campaign or Republican National Committee will challenge Nevada's delegate results.
All credits to : My News 4 Reno (NBC, KRNV, Reno, NV)


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

thank you so much for fighting for all of us

you guys and galls in nevada are my heroes, wow I sure hope we can win in the washington state convention I hope we have some people on our team in washington that is as savy as you guys in nevada. you really had to put in some work, it looked like an uphill fight from the beginning but you prevailed

I Second You Comment

and I will be at the Washington State Convention as an alternate delegate and yes it will be a fight. Washington is just about divided in half for Paul and Comney, oops I mean Romney. We just have to pray that all of the Dr. Paul delegates show up.

Joined the Liberty Movement in Anchorage, Alaska, 1977. Ron Paul supporter since 1983.
In Liberty from the Pacific Northwest.

Praying would help

But so would calling them, reminding them and getting them there. We need to keep this momentum going to keep the the hope alive!

So proud of each and every individule

that took their time and efforts to attend what I am sure most of them detest politiks. Outstanding this is how we push back against the bank owners that have us as taxpayers instead of sovereign people, the government works for us not the other way around and its time that we re evaluated the role of the government and who we want to employ, me I want to be no man's boss and I want no man to boss me.


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Congratulations you guys.

Congratulations you guys. You are more inspiring than you know...I was stressed and I was in the comfort of my own home all weekend.

The options for a delegate to vote their conscience, not State

In the RNC Rule 38 it states: “no delegate shall be bound by any attempt of any state or Congressional district to impose the unit rule.” The unit rule does not prohibit a state from using a winner-take-all primary in the same way that Rule 15(b) prohibits most states from using a winner-take-all primary when holding a contest earlier than April 1st. However, the unit rule does prohibit binding delegates to vote according to how a majority of delegates from their state vote – again, a scenario most likely to occur in a state using the winner-take-all rule.

For further clarification on the meaning of Rule 38, it is instructive to look to the debate in 1964 when the RNC debated whether to strike the Rule 38 language from a proposed amendment that was adopted that year. The debate begins on page 64 of this source (http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1103565...). The RNC voted 59 to 41 to keep the rule in the amendment, noting that it helped to clarify a longstanding practice that a delegate was free to take exception to the roll call, and was free to vote his or her preference. Those who sought to strike the rule feared that its inclusion in the rules would give delegates freedom from both a non-existent legal obligation and a moral obligation to vote according to instructions from their state. However, even these opponents of the rule admitted that there never has been any legal obligation for a delegate to do so.

(from the article "Response to a Rogue Convention? How Party Rules May Surprise in 2012" - http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1103565...)

Until the Election is Won!
Chaplain Steve
Ron Paul - Lion of the Constitution

Great work!

Great work! This info needs to be spread.

Citing past precedent from a primary source.... it doesn't get much more clear than that.

How many alternates did we get?

Only 3 out of 25 (from CD-2), or did we get more than that? Thank you.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Alternate Delegate Results

All at large alternates are Romney supporters (13).
CD-1: all alternates are Romney (3)
CD-2: all alternates are Ron Paul (3)
CD-3: all alternates are Romney (3)
CD-4: all alternates are Romney (3)

So Rmoney erm I mean Romney got 22 alternates.

As for the 3 automatic delegates, I guess the alternates are the new elects which are all Ron Paul guys.

People. Please keep in mind that in Nevada we have over a 2/3rds majority of delegates which allows us to change any Nevada state rules which bind us to the Nevada Presidential Prefence Poll.

All delegates have been certified.

I was there at the

I was there at the convention, as a delegate. No attempt by the campaign was made to unbind the delegates.

Rule 9 (binding) could have been amended, but it was not, just the 4b quorum breaker.

But if we did, chances are RNC would not let us in convention. No comment was made about this on the SMS messages.

My dog could have run better elections/ballots than what happened there - bad planning on GOP part. Paul campaign was technologically advanced by a long shot.

Loved the blue/red ballons.



... Thank you!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

the delegates can't just unbind themselves

That's neither anywhere within Nevada rules nor national GOP rules. A 2/3 vote at the convention could have done it, but they didn't try because they knew there weren't enough people to win. At this point, the delegates can't just change the rules by themselves.

Maybe not...

...but the State Committee can unbind. Last I knew we were closing in on control of that too, right?

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Like hell our delegates can't

Like hell our delegates can't reconviene at the national convention and change the Nevada rules. It's our own state and our own rules. If our 28 Nevada delegates find it necessary, they can change any of the Nevada state rules with a simple 2/3rds majority.

Where does it say that in the rules?

I certainly don't see it anywhere



Just one more point I'd like

Just one more point I'd like to make. If the delegates from Nevada actually were bound like you say, then there would be no need whatsoever for the Romney delegates to even show up. The Ron Paul alternates would come in and they would be forced to vote for Romney if they actually were bound, which they are not.

So, give me one reason whatsoever for a Romney delegate from Nevada to actually show up at the national convention.

delegates are going to show

because in case it goes to a second vote and fewer delegates are bound, they're certainly going to want to express their preference.

There is so much division and

There is so much division and animosity within the GOP in Nevada. It would be like 6 bloods showing up at a gang fight against 22 crypts. The more I think about it, the more I suspect Romney's Nevada delegates wont even bother to show. It does cost quite a bit of money to register.

It's pointless to try and

It's pointless to try and bind them dude. Even as it's mentioned below, they can just abstain from voting which is the same as any anti-Romney vote.

Trust me, we got cheated big time in 2008. Our delegates from Nevada will do as they please at the national convention. Thank you very much.

I bet the Romney delegates for Nevada don't even show up and the Ron Paul alternates fill their spots.

Still, Shazad, we had a very good weekend, right?

Virginia CD-6: 3 out of 3 delegates
Maine: 21 out of 21 delegates
Nevada: 22 out of 25 delgates

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand