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Ron Paul @ NV Convention -Comments & News Open Thread

Friends, I will be live streaming Ron Paul's address to the Nevada GOP Convention tomorrow, May 5th. I created a ustream account to accomplish this:


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I think Paul will make a good showing at the convention in Tampa. He's going to need to start winning primaries soon, though, if he is going to have any effect at all on the actual nomination. Based on the current trajectory, it's just going to be bad optics for the party/Romney at the convention. If Paul starts winning primaries, then the nomination is up for grabs.

Ron Paul can win Texas and California!!!

I honestly believe. Wow wish I was there to help out!!! This thing is snowballing!

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nothing is impossible

but he's certainly a heavy underdog at this point.

That was totally crazy. I

That was totally crazy. I was in there, and it was close to shutting the whole thing down and having the committee assign the delegates.

They said they would check ID on entrance, so I took off my Paul Pin and walked in. They only checked my delegate badge - no ID check.

We won anyways, although it was grueling..........


Nevada delegates

Hello, I have been viewing Dailypaul since 2007. I made this account because I wanted to post about something that is bugging me concerning the delegates in Nevada. I see alot of people celebrating this. Which is good, I can see it as something to celebrate. But a man named Bunce who belongs to the official Paul campaign in Nevada said the delegates will follow the rules. That they won't refuse to vote for Romney, or unbind. That means 20 will have to vote for Romney and 8 will vote for Paul. If they do not plan to use the power that they have gained then why are they fighting so hard? I want Paul to win badly but I don't see why they push to make sure they have all those delegates then say they can't refuse to vote or use their majority power to unbind. It makes no sense. They seem like they are still hoping for a brokered convention, but with the three candidated gone now and the fact that Romney will still get a large portion of the delegates, I don't see that happening. I hope I am wrong, I really do. I was under the impression that the delegates Paul got were his delegates would vote for him. Or pull the strings and make it so that they could vote for him. I hope they know they will get no where with that boyscout Dudley do right nonsense. They will have to use their powers that they have if they want Paul to win. If what is happening in nevada happens in the other states I will be really worried and nervous, because I don't see how Romney will be denied the 1,144 needed to win. I again hope I am wrong on this. I thought that was the name of the game, to deny Romney delegates and not to win them for him. So far it makes no sense to me. But...Go Ron Paul 2012!!!

I was reading a post by a

I was reading a post by a Romney supporter who said that he got into politics through Goldwater and us Paul supporters remind him of himself. He said we will learn "practical politics", which means our principles will be sacrificed for the good of the party. In my opinion, this is the only way that all the efforts we make could go to waste. This is why we must follow the rules and set a perfect example. I would rather lose the election and die than sacrifice principles. We become them when we do this. I feel very emotional about that guy because now he is standing in the way of liberty and truth with his new found practical politics nonsense.

The party

I don't really care about the GOP, not in its current form. I only care about myself, my country, my future and Paul and his message, because I think he will make things better. I would do whatever it takes to get Paul elected if I was in that position. I would break rules and lie. I would treat the GOP and their political puppets just like they treat Americans. I would give them a taste of their own medicine. I would say one thing and do another.

You would be easily used by

You would be easily used by the Romney campaign. You would hate yourself if you did this. You would be controlled by hatred and fear. Revenge belongs to God, and he will have his revenge. We cannot accomplish good with more evil. The cycle must stop with me. Until we understand this, we will fall away. Our motivation must not be revenge or hatred because that ends in our own destruction. We must be motivated by truth and love because these things are permanent and enduring. All lies eventually die. Love produces fruit. Revenge produces nothing good. When you live for others then you will be living. Until then, disappointment and frustration will abound. Why? Because self-living is not true living and every illusion will fade. But what is real and true is permanent. We must seek truth. The nature of truth is that you know it once you find it because it endures. Test everything and what is left is truth. And do not seek arrogantly, but humbly, because another characteristic of truth is that it reveals itself. Almost like you do not find it but it finds you. After all, that is the nature of truth. We must perceive, observe, listen, understand it.

Just hold on to your hat ...

In the military we has a saying, "when all else fails common sense prevails. These people are not going to say or tell what they are going to do but we do know they are Ron Paul supporters so do we need to say anything else?

I would go vomit in the restroom before

I voted for Romney, pergatory, sit on the bleachers, obstain.


Well, here's how it can work out...

And we're really trying to be all ninja about this thing.... The walls have ears and they belong to the trolls...

The delegates according to the GOP's rule 38, are not bound to vote for someone. However, if those rules do not apply this election cycle, than we can try a different way.

Some have suggested that our delegates can try abstaining their votes at the National Convention. That can deny Romney the amount of delegates he needs to be the nominee on the first ballot. Then when the second ballot comes, IT'S ON! All the delegates are then unbound. And we can make one final push to nominate Ron Paul. If it doesn't work on the second ballot, then we try in the next ballot, and the next til one of them becomes nominated.

We may come up with another strategy before the convention in Florida. But the point is to obtain as many delegates as we possibly can. Even if they're bound to vote for Romney, the point is to take over as many positions in the GOP as possible. We must have a foothold in the political structure with our ideals and principles in place. So we can have the stage set for the next generation of politicians running for office.

But we can still win this election mate. Just hang on, stay positive and help us grab delegates. We're changing things already!

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Good synopsis


Do not worry

I created this account just to reply to you. I was at the 2008 Nevada convention and at the 2012 Nevada convention. It has taken us over four years to get to the point where we are now. We were cheated in 2008, so there is no way in hell after four years of work that we are going to the convention to vote for Romney. We have over 2/3rds of the delegates as Ron Paul supporters which is enough for us to change the Nevada rules and unbind us. Also note that we also have some alternates going as well, and it is not clear if the Romney delegates will even bother showing up.

One troubling aspect

of this is the letter sent to Nevada by Philippe last week which sites the rules sent to the RNC by the Nevada delegation stating the rules of the delegate selection process last year. I'm positive if the changing of the rules favored Romney the RNC would look the other way but if these rules are binding upon this election cycle they may very well unseat the delegation after they don't vote for the exalted one on the first ballot. I've said this many times, we have yet to witness just how low they are prepared to stoop to defeat us.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

I'm sure they'll figure out something

And they're not going to broadcast the plan.

If you're confused, then the

If you're confused, then the Romney campaign is probably confused as well. This could be a rope-a-dope or it could be that the campaign figures that we will have 1144+ delegates that are free to vote Paul and that we can win without stealth candidates to avoid cause for future fighting.


Link to video clip: Announcement of delegate results

Here is the direct link to the video clip where Nevada delegate elections results at the convention are announced.

It starts about 55 minutes INTO the clip.

Mark gives a play-by-play of the announcements indicating if the delegate is RP or not.

It's very exciting.


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Function as Plurality for nomination.

Even though Nevada delegates are bound mostly to vote for Romney on the first ballot, they can still function as a plurality of a state's delegates to nominate Ron Paul from the floor, yes?

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Think I get what you're asking...

Does this count as a plurality towards the five we need to BE on the ballot in Tampa. My understanding is no, it doesn't. From what I know our count for this is still 1 - Minnesota.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

My understanding is that

My understanding is that delegates are bound to vote for Romney on the first round but are not bound to NOMINATE Romney. Nominations and votes are different.


What about abstaining on the

What about abstaining on the first vote?


A very good question...

... and something that I have wondered about myself. Does anyone know the answer to this? Thank you!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Someone below said

that when delegates for Buchanan abstained from voting for Bush, they were replaced with alternates.

THen our alternates come in and

Obstain as well.



Does anyone know how to send me the link for Ron Paul's Nevada speech - all the hours I watched NV State Convention and I missed that?!?
Sure would appreciate it!!

There's a Link

somwhere in this thread, I believe.

Here ya go...


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A MILLION!!! Go Ron Paul!!!!

19% of pop. vote, 88% of

19% of pop. vote, 88% of national delegates. -11 to the msm's "accurate" Romney delegate count.

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." ~Samuel Adams ~