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I Need Links for News Reports of Ron Paul wins.

Tim Stanley (@ CNN) wrote this hit piece today about Ron Paul:


A lot of it is just plain wrong on the facts. For instance, he says: "Commanding a plurality of delegates in only one state, and having taken just 10.61 percent nationally so far, it could be argued that the 76-year-old libertarian has even less reason to carry on than Gingrich -- except perhaps to collect the air miles."

I called him out on Twitter (@timothy_stanley) and said that Ron Paul has actually won a plurality of at least 5 states. Surprisingly, he got back to me quickly and asked for links:

Tim Stanley ‏ @timothy_stanley
"@BtwnUnemploymnt @CNN @FoxNews I'm working from Real Clear totals. can you give me a link that proves this?"

PLEASE POST LINKS TO NEWS STORIES ABOUT THE WINS SO FAR. I found some stuff, but mostly in blogs. I'm looking for local news reports, etc., for MO, CO, IO, WA, NV, MN, LA, etc.

Please help.


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This reports is actually being responsive and might update his post if we can show that Ron Paul is winning delegates. Need assistance.


It's all I could find for now, but it should help.