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Ted Cruz Calls David Dewhurst A 'LIAR' In Texas GOP Senate Debate

Ted Cruz Calls David Dewhurst A 'LIAR' In Texas GOP Senate Debate

The Texas Republican primary for U.S. Senate took an increasingly heated turn Thursday night, when Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz called opponent Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst a liar over one of his campaign ads.

"The reason that he's lying is because conservatives all over this state are uniting behind our campaign," Cruz said during a debate, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Dewhurst, the frontrunner, didn't respond to the accusation, the Chronicle reported.

The commercial, released two weeks ago by Dewhurst's campaign, questioned Cruz over his work as an attorney, when he represented a Chinese company accused of copyright violations.

Cruz's campaign released its first two ads Wednesday, one defending his legal work and the other attacking Dewhurst's conservative credentials.

Texas holds its primary on May 29.


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Im going for ted cruz. Ron

Im going for ted cruz. Ron and rand endorsed him.

It was a pure and simple political move

Dr. Paul ain't no dummy. He knows he would get more support from Cruz voters. Strategy. He can't afford to go with his heart at this point.

He's a crook and a liar and so is Dewhurst

Both bad news and the best candidate has little chance of winning--Glen Addison.

When I started seeing repeat advertisements for Cruz

but I wasn't seeing any discussions on The Daily Paul, my first thought was "another fake".

But now I see Rand Paul going to bat for him in Austin this Sunday.

Is this is how it's going to be?

Rand will be the glue between the GOP establishment, the so called Tea Party, and the Ronulans?

If so, I think we'll lose nearly every Democrat and left leaning independent, and libertarian's interest in that strategy.

I have no real desire to save the Republican Party. I have no desire to save either party.

I'm ready for people to wake the hell up and get angry, get educated, and not feel cooperative. I want them to be anti-party, and anti-establishment.

A little bit of chaotic energy can go a long way in bringing people back to the basics.

And that's our specialty.

Work hard, peace, prosperity, everyone pulls their own weight, if people want to help others, it's through volunteerism, greatly smaller central government, more emphasis on local government.

no more welfare for the corporations.

no more 40,000 new laws a year, for the corporations.

no more war, for the corporations.

no more prison planet, for the corporations.

no more welfare or other freebies for individuals, unless it's voluntary and at worst case, done at the local level.

...if Rand thinks we're the fresh blood for the old GOP, to re-invigorate it, to revive it, like some monster that needs an infusion of new souls, he can forget it.

I respect and admire the man, but I sometimes think that he thinks that he can save the country by saving the establishment, and giving them a way to integrate us, while saving face.

well. I watched this video from another thread.

I think even if Cruz isn't Ron Paul, he sure isn't distancing himself from Dr. Paul.

I may have to keep an eye on Cruz, and support him.

Not many will have the near perfect track record that Paul has. But still we want to set the bar high.

But if Rand and Ron are speaking at the same rally as Cruz, then I suppose I need to give Cruz a fair look.


Voting this up because of pro-Addison comments -

As a liberty, RP supporter, I cannot in good conscience vote for anyone but Glen.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

They both are liars!

Glen Addison is the man. He probably won't win, but he supports Ron Paul and is most like him in his ideas.

I really like Addison too. He

I really like Addison too. He says he's would only serve one term.