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Presumptive Nominee?

Hey guys, I just found out who the "presumptive nominee" is:


Thought that would brighten your day!

We do presume!

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Presumptive Nominee?

NO We do not presume, the media does.

A presumption is often taken up or ASSumed to be true until proven otherwise.

Awfully beautiful site. Made

Awfully beautiful site. Made me smile..:)

presumpTUOUS nominee

By the way, check out http://www.presumpTUOUSnominee.com

The MSM needs to learn that it's a little early to call the race over when the votes haven't been counted yet!

Type in "presumptive nominee"

Type in "presumptive nominee" into google. Isn't this post the 4th result?

google rankings

Nice catch! It is seventh when I search for it. First page of Google results! Let the world know the truth!

sounds bytes with true meaning restored

Besides being the Presumptive Nominee:


I'm just glad that the GOP Front Runner:


is also a Top Tier Candidate:


who will thoroughly defeat the Pretender to the Throne:


Because he is the only candidate who advocates a foreign policy of Mutually Assured Respect:


and rejects a Legacy of Failure:


and can credibly explain the US Constitution to government leaders who have a Contempt for the Law:


All I can say is that I'm going to Vote Yes for Dr. No:


seems the Mittpire strikes back!

Anyway to track forwards on that?

Let's post the hell out of it. :)

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Crackin up over here.

That is GREAT!


My girlfriend just dumped me. But this made me realize there are better things to spend my time on.

Senator Peter Schiff 2016

Why not call him the nominee?

Because Ron Paul is the monster under the bed...That's Why!

For Freedom!
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Nice job

Made my day!

Somebody please create

Somebody please create www.assumptivenominee.com and link it to a funny picture of Romney eating a corndog....oops, flashback...that was Skeletor's (Mitt Romney's) half sister, Michelle Bachmann...

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

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edited so as not to spoil, just go to the web site www.presumptivenominee.com so cool!

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I love it...

I actually clicked it twice because I didn't catch on the first time. It's been a long day!

This should be a mass

This should be a mass tweet


Wish I knew more about twitter could enbed it with all of romneys tweets and fans and they get curious and end up checking out Ron Pauls page

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Terrific idea

Doing it right away.

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I love how someone is always "on it" around here! :)

Thanks legalize! Wish I were more familiar with twitter, but alas, I'm not even sure I remember my login...

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The tweet should be

www.presumptivenominee.com #PresumptiveNominee

or something like that. Great idea.



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No Some guy registered the domain and fwd it to ronpaul2012.com

No Some guy registered the domain and fwd it to ronpaul2012.com

registered with godaddy,com
12 dollar nose tweak for RNC and Mittens


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