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The Power of the Collective Stump Speech

In the next few months, there will be at least a few opportunities for empassioned speakers to both galvanize supporters and pierce walls in the hearts of the unconvinced. There is an abundance of passion, an endless sea of deep thought, and a sense of brilliance from emerging minds yearning for freedom.

For those who support the Campaign for Liberty, we all understand that it make come down to one final moment. Freed delegates will clammer around any place where their sentiment can be echoed for freedom-loving people to feel empowered and empassioned.

Why not bring together our collective power as one. United behind one voice, our clever message ringing through from wall to wall. What am I suggestion, how could something like that happen? It starts with you. Reply with your deepest and most well-articulated ideas supporting Dr. Ron Paul. For those of us headed to conventions, my hope is that a powerful voice will emerge. This voice, chosen by collective-will, will champion the message of us ALL. This voice will echo the most heart-felt words from derived from the greatest of our responses. This will be our greatest moment and final chance to convince freed delegates that Dr. Ron Paul's ideas are the only ideas capable of bringing back freedom, prosperity, and restoring integrity to a corrupted system. Please take a moment to respond with the best you have to offer. Speak from the heart, backed by love, emboldened by a desire to be free.

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your message would be more

your message would be more powerful if you would proofread it and correct the grammatical mistakes before you post it

Delegate from SD 9

I'm a delegate from SD 9 in Texas. My passion is to win this battle for me, my family, for all I have ever loved, for my friends, for my neighbors, and for friends I haven't met yet.