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What Percentage of Derivatives are Commodities

Interesting conversation with someone about derivatives. Talked about the purpose of derivatives but mostly for commodities and he asked what percentage of derivatives are commodities. I don't know. Anyone know where I can find that percentage?


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Maybe Jim Rogers?

Jim Rogers might know, he's a commodity bull. He's always talking about commodities lately, and how farmers will be driving lamborghinis in the next decade.


are so out of controll I don't know if anyone will know the answer to that.
9 largest US banks hold $228 trillion worth. $1.4 quadrillion worldwide.

You might like this. Doesn't answer your question, but it visualizes the derivative problem.


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That is an excellent question...

and I would love to know. No one is talking about it, may Peter Schiff might know? Maybe Gerald Celenti might know? Would be nice if we all knew aye?