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Romney gets a whopping crowd of 200 May 4, 2012


Romney got about 200 supporters today near Pittsburgh. It wasn't too far from where I went to see Ron Paul with about 2500 other people a couple weeks ago.

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"I have also met alot of people

really suffering under Obama's Economy" (sort of quote).
I wonder if Romney met the people that his company, under his leadership, laid off work and into hardship, on his way up traitors ladder to riches?

Romney draws a crowd of 200

Romney draws a crowd of 200 in Pittsburgh, Ron Paul draws a crowd of 2,500 in Pittsburgh two weeks prior. You may now proceed to "LOL".

And the kicker, the media

And the kicker, the media probably counted themselves in that number, the ultimate laughingstock that is Romney's crowds...

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200 losers who were probably paid to show...and smile.

All of those millions in bankster money, and this is all that they get for it....200 losers. lol.

If I were in charge of the Ron Paul campaign scheduling

I'd follow Mitt Romney's travel itinerary and show up wherever he showed up with my own competing town hall event. Then I'd video document how many more supporters the Ron Paul event attracted compared to the Romney event.

Kind of like a Lincoln-Douglas type situation-- though I doubt Romney would ever agree to a one-on-one with Dr. Paul.

The Pro-Obama media would have to pick up on a story like that, especially since it highlights how tepid Romney's support really is.

Then again, the campaign is already doing such a great job amassing delegates! Keep up the good work, guys! :D


Real good speech!! My favorite part was when he said the word "Obama" over and over and over and over.......again. Real smart way to get elected there, Mitt...real smart. Of course, I am joking.

Let's be honest here. Paul

Let's be honest here. Paul supporters are actually enthusiastic and will walk naked in a blizzard to see Paul speak. That's why all of his rallies are packed. People will drive hundreds of miles to see him.

On the other hand, Romney supporters are blasé and instead only show support in the polls when the LSM tells them who to vote for.

exactly why Romney can't win

there will be no enthusiasm and that means he will lose

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If these events are just "staged appearances"

how does Ron Paul afford all those extras? :)

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what did this dog thing mean that was mentioned?

"While Romney’s focus was inside, a small group of demonstrators were outside, including a dog with a specific message for the governor" what does this mean. a dog with a message, what was the message? ha come on report everything and stop skipping the good parts. you know the protesting crowd was bigger than his romney crowd inside but they won't say that.


..I doubt that dogs message to Romney came from anywhere near his mouth

The message

I believe the message was "Woof!"



To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

I just got back from Ron Paul

I just got back from Ron Paul speaking at UCSD here in San Diego I my guess is that from 3500 to 4500 attended. It was epic. One of the most satisifying parts was driving home with my 14 year old son and listening to him call all his friends and bragging up that he got to see Ron paul in person!(Actually I stole his "epic" comment!!)

wonderful night

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I was there with my 2 kids .. a diverse crowd and even a lone courageous Romney guy holding a sign ... I like the kid's spunk...
But seeing the rEVOLution with my kids was awesome.. the setting was not easy to access with parking so far from the area .. but there were thousands there ... i left inspired ... So proud to be an American acting for my own Liberty and that of my fellow citizens... Really the tide IS turning ... stay active and share the message of Liberty and we WILL be the difference we want to see in this World...

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I saw that Romney guy but I

I saw that Romney guy but I thought it was a ploy to get people to talk to him so he could convert Romney supporters to Ron Paul. It just seemed impossible that someone supports Mitt and would go out and hold a sign - I've never heard of that before.

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for posting.

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The gig is up

and for sure the ball is in our court.

Austin, Texas!!! Sunday, May 6th

Just a reminder to everyone in Austin. Ron Paul is having a Tea Party rally downtown on the steps of the state capital building on Sunday, May 6th at 2pm.
Also, there is a huge festival going on a few blocks away called Old Pecan Street Festival on Saturday and Sunday so plenty to see and do downtown this weekend.

Let it be written, that in 2012 we changed the World!!!

I heard a storm was passing

I heard a storm was passing through, just didn’t realize it wasn’t a storm.

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how many were paid?

... like the busloads of elderly folks Romney paid to vote at the Iowa Caucuses? Their "handlers" wouldn't let them speak to anyone as they were led single-file to "vote" for Romney... the Bain of Liberty wins again?


“It was terribly exciting,” CEO Eric Sauereisen told KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano. “When you look at what goes on television, and actually be a part of it, it’s immense. It’s quite a stage, quite a show that they put on.”

Yes, it is quite a show they put on... Please remember that it is a show and not reality!

I think he meant to say

"Yes, it's quite a staged show that they put on."

They probably just edited it to make it sound better.

And I'm sure their boss didnt SUGGEST they be there either

Theres probably by far more Ron Paul supporters still lingering around UC San Diego right now after Dr. Paul's speech then there were at Romney's event.
Romney didnt even come away with Santorum's endorsement, his sole reason for going to Pittsburgh! I would assume he'd be shouting that from the rooftops if he actually got it. Complete failure all around.

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Put this...

...in the compare movies to go viral.

Any one can plainly see that the romney does not have the support Ron Paul does and they are having a most difficult time trying to hide that fact.

We keep seeing spin to make the mitney look like he is popular, and that he is winning. WRONG!

They just can not keep paying more than a hundred people to show up. No one want to go see the mitt romulan and that fact is plain as Jane. It is almost funny to watch them squirm and scramble for crowds to force the romulan on. No one wants him and the fact is, the Nation has picked Ron Paul for our next elected president by the people. Not the machines and lying dying media.

Gooooo Ron Paul!


Tens of people...

listened to his message.

Be charitable, now!

It wasn't tens of people, it was dozens of people! Yea, even scores of people!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

'scores' - politely stolen ;)

'scores' - politely stolen ;)

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A Miniscule Multitude

For the real crowds watch this it's amazing.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
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A Mittitude, if you will


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