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Handful of Socialists Protest Paul at UCSD

I just saw a picture someone posted at the UCSD rally in which there were 5 people holding signs that read "Ron Paul Opposes Women's Choice. WE OPPOSE RON PAUL" and a web address, (update) PSLweb.org.
[ http://www.facebook.com/p... ]

Thanks for the video link, chiefe71


UPDATE: How a master shows how to educate

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I asked one of those

I asked one of those protestors: Hey, where's your "freedom sucks" sign?

He didn't answer me... Oh well.

Don't vote for Ron Paul because freedom sucks 2012! Haha

I was there too ...

These guys were lame ... " I hate freedom... yada yada ... " "Civil liberties suck .. yada.. " Really ??? how lame can you get ?

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I was there...

and I saw two of these people but I could only see the part of their signs that had a pic of RP with a circle and slash through it and the words I oppose Ron Paul...these people had their signs down and practically between their legs as they were almost stampeded by thousands of people leaving. No one cared about these ignoramuses.

I was there...

and didn't see any of them... perhaps, their chants were drowned out by the true spirit of freedom.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

In Back

They were pretty much in back holding up signs. Their presence wouldn't have been noticed if they weren't in your line of sight. Very inconsequential. I was wondering if they tried chanting something but all I heard from the crowd was 'President Paul' and 'End the Fed'.


Romney is going cheap.. I thought he could afford more than 5.. hehehe 'O'

A few

There was a handful of them them (one stood behind a tree for like 4 minutes. WTF??), each had different sign. Ron Paul Opposes Public Education - We Oppose Ron Paul. Ron Paul Opposes (insert issue here)...

you get the picture. Where are you seeing these photos? I'd like to see them.

Yes. I saw like 3 by the trees. 3 vs. Over 3,000! :)

They are going to go to bed very disappointed at their "protest". Alright, guys: Some people are going to come here. Ron Paul is coming. They call themselves a R[3]VOLUTION. Let's make some signs and confront them. They showed up and found over 3,000. So they stayed by the trees, probably in shock at that kind of a crowd.



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No doubt

The one who stood behind the tree looked like he was dumbfounded and lost. Like he had this elaborate vision in his head on how he was gonna 'show them up!' and when he couldn't push past the crowd more than 4 bodies and got stuck behind a tree he just gave up.

I am surprised he

could get 5 people to be active!

Formerly rprevolutionist

If the protesters

were within ear shot of what Dr. Paul was saying, they were probably converted before the end of the speech : )