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Urgent! SC Supreme Court REMOVES hundreds of candidates from ballot!

The MSM needs to pick up on this! Hundreds of candidates across the state were effected! The COURT is deciding WHO will represent us in the General Assembly in South Carolina - NOT the voters!

Read about here in the SC Republican Liberty Caucus website: http://rlcsc.org/ballot/

If you are on Facebook, "like" the SC Republican Liberty Caucus here: http://www.facebook.com/scrlc

We need the BLOW UP the phones and emails of members of the General Assembly in South Carolina and let them know we will NOT STAND FOR the courts deciding who will represent the people! We need to spread the word on this far and wide to any media outlets you can - this is a NATIONAL story!

Please help the Liberty Movement in South Carolina in any way you can - thank you patriots!

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Sent an email to:

- The Ron Paul campaign
- Ben Swann
- Doug Wead
- John Stossel

The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!


Thank you!


I went through the list. I only know my district and so many names.
But the ones I saw here in my SC we WANT out! Being selfish or naive'? Teach me otherwise if you know better. I think this is how confused the SC GOP is

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

That may be the case in your

That may be the case in your area, but not in ours. Liberty candidates across the state were effected. Eddie McCain was one notable one. But no matter what, as believers in liberty, we should believe in a free and fair process. We don't want to shut out others this way.

OK but you have to admit

This is an unusual cycle, in all regards

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

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Turn attention to the Battle of Maine

This has gone beyond the race for the nomination. The battle of Maine is the prelude to the Battle of Tampa. All eyes on deck.


GOP, here is a man who WILL win the election.

Just give him a chance, dammit!


Who, what? This is an SC discussion. All are welcome but please be clear w your postings

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

LOL, I posted this in the

LOL, I posted this in the wrong topic, sorry for confusing you.

It says "SC Supreme Court"

It says "SC Supreme Court"

Well we New They were Going to be up to No Good!

It's unbelievable the deceit and tricks that the G.O.P. will go to. I would like to know what kind of devious unconstitutional minds come up with these schemes?

Romney is not the presumptive nominee of the people. He doesn't get anywhere near the crowds that Ron Paul gets at rallies. Only the election fraud has given Romney the popular vote.

Even the courts are not free from corruption.

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Turf war! This is Jim DeMint & Lindsay Graham's

territory we're messing with. Not gonna be easy.


Arrest them and when they say I whant a lawyer tell them they dont get a lawyer. Then throw the key away plain and simple.

And it's even dirtier on the

And it's even dirtier on the state and local level here.

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You think it's bad there,

North Carolina is probably worse. It's controlled by the worst type of Democrats and recently the worst type of Republicans are gaining a stronghold. No wonder Ron Paul didn't bother coming here.


This does need to be blown up by our people...what a complete disgrace. This, and more craziness is to be expected as we gain momentum. They will stop at nothing to maintain control of a system that is tearing itself a part. These are signs that the entire system is nearing complete and total collapse.

We are hoping....

That State Senator Tom Davis (who endorsed Ron Paul) will challenge Graham next time around!

oH..man. SC people need to

oH..man. SC people need to jump on this and keep jumping until it is ground into the dirt these bags are full of..this is UN AMERICAN!!


you are right!!! This is Un-American!!!

Local coverage...

of the issue in the Charleston newspaper...


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Says they didn't file their "Ethics" report?

maybe in a 'timely' fashion... When I was on a State Licensing Bd in Texas, we were required to file a report with the State Ethics Commission, or for sure, had I not, I'd have been removed from that Bd...

Susie 4 Liberty

They filed them...

But they filed them ONLINE, because the SC Ethics Commission instructs to do so. But, what need to happen, was to file a hard copy at the same time. The BIG problem is, most of the party officers - Republican & Democrat - didn't even take them from the candidates because it was assumed that completing it online was good enough!

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Well, that's a horse of a different color than I earlier thought

BUT if both were required and that requirement is part of the process - in writing, will be big trouble for them, I'm afraid...

Susie 4 Liberty

Thanks for posting, this is

Thanks for posting, this is such a mess!!!

Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism. - Ron Paul

Blatantly denying free

Blatantly denying free elections in South Carolina! This is outrageous!

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Well, read that article

Requirements in Texas to serve on a State Licensing Bd meant I had to file a form with the State Ethics Commission...

And dadgum it! Apparently, someone let their "feet" slip!

Susie 4 Liberty

It's no longer South Carolina...

It's the "People's Republic of Carolina" and the General Assembly and Supreme Court are our "Dear Leaders"

You would think this would be

You would think this would be all over national news!

Look away, there is nothing to see here...

Our Dear Leaders have decided who will be elected... Just move along now.