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Wouldn't it be nice to carry clean water for the GOP?

Vox Day asks Rush to endorse Paul

Vox puts it better than I. Maybe Rush will listen and act instead of complaining about how bad his "friends" are.

Put simply, ought you endorse someone who says they agree with you but is also agreeable with the enemy every time it matters, or someone who you agree with 90% but has principles and has never violated them? In the former, we've been lucky to get 20% on the stuff we agree on.

Ronaldus Magnus II for president.

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Forget Rush

Rush has ZERO integrity and like Bush is unable to admit when he is wrong. He is going to support his neo-con "friends" no matter what they do. He is feeling the pressure of supporting an unpopular president and is squirming trying to justify it.


Agreed, he has zero-integrity, but is big and has a loud voice.

And if he wants his integrity back...