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The Only Thing I want for my Birthday...

So, for at least another 45 minutes it is my birthday. When asked what I wanted for my birthday by various family members, without hesitation I would say, "Inform yourself about Ron Paul, vote Ron Paul, and get others to vote!" You see, I have already received the greatest gift I have ever been given-a chance to see history made. I learned about Dr. Paul around 6 months ago and have not been able to withhold my passion to learn and be active for the cause of liberty. My entire life (only 20 years) I have been a "Faux News guy" along with my parents and siblings. However, I had the mindset of a liberty activist all along. I went to public school but soon became homeschooled because it was not a good fit for me. I have traveled around the world learning about cultures and learning how to be inductive in my studies rather than coming to look to support my predetermined positions with facts. I always had a heart for politics, but I knew something was missing in the political realm. Ron Paul delivered me from my political ignorance. He has already given me more than all of my presents from every birthday combined. He has not tried to subdue my ideas and passions like society, but instead has encouraged me to be active! I am proud to say that my family will all be voting Ron Paul on May 8. It will be my first time voting in any election! I know it will be an emotional experience for all of us. Our eyes have been opened and they will not shut until we die. I love the fact that my birthday fell right before the primary. It has been the perfect opportunity to talk to everyone I know about voting. I simply thank them for their words, and tell them about the best birthday present they could give me. My family still ended-up giving me gifts, but with the attached statement, "This money is to spend on you...not Ron Paul. Well, actually it is your decision." I will be spending it on Ron Paul. I will be spending my "birthday weekend" campaigning for Dr. Paul because that to me is the best present. I guess I write all of this as an encouragement. Every day there are more individuals, people, LIVES that are being changed by this message of liberty. I owe everyone at the Daily Paul for making this the best birthday I could have ever asked for. We will do everything in our power to win the nomination, but folks...the establishment has lost. Now let us all go and make sure that more individuals are able to look back at 2012 and say, "That is the year that liberty changed my life." Fight on brothers and sisters and thank you.

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Thank You for your commitment

Thank You for your commitment and dedication to the cause of liberty and freedom!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!