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Ron Paul "catching" on next week

I have a hunch the tea party rally is going to be huge...However, now that I think about it during the recent dinner party in Manhattan Beach...I remember how excited he was about the meeting ON Tues regarding the FED...he truly looked excited like he had something special planned he is the chairman I think...I think both combined will get him some extra coverage/bump...I GOT MY FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!


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At tonight's rally, I sensed

At tonight's rally, I sensed total happiness exuding from RP. I think seeing so many people in the crowd is making up for all those years that he stood up alone. That is why I went to the rally - to show him that we care too.

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So, he's catching on, you're telling me?


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Oddly enough, John Stossel said...

Ron Paul would catch on next week when asked about Ron Paul on Gretta Van Susteren's show tonight. He must know something too!

Minnesota Mary

No idea why

but as I read this and the two previous comments tears fell from my eyes.

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I totally feel you....

We are working to heal the world and we are being the change we want to see. Ron Paul 2012, it will happen!

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Oh man, the anticipation is

Oh man, the anticipation is killing me. Here we go ladies and gentlemen. With about 3 months left till the convention, things had to start picking up. The events set in motion years past, and more importantly, these past few months, are coming to pass. World events are colliding and converging, people are getting shaken, and Paul very well has the ability to seize the opportunity and show people the solutions to what ails them. These next few weeks could be the largest swell to the Paul campaign(and the liberty movement in general) since this race began.

Its happening..

I can feel it in my bones.