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Video: Fed. Govt mandated Holster+Lock Design & Procedure for Armed Pilots/Marshals prone to Negligent Discharge!

Courtesy of Paul Huebl, Fmr Chicago Cop, now a licensed PI, and Hollywood Writer, Actor, and Producer.

Paul Huebl being interviewed on it in the following CNN Don Lemon hosting a video segment, by Drew 'If you get a sound bite from Palin.. you can hold the Ron Paul stuff" Griffin, the infamous Jon Stewart's Iowa Straw Poll CNN douchebag:

CNN TSA Holster.wmv

Uploaded by MrCrimeNews on Mar 3, 2011

The morons at the TSA are the cause of a gun accident by a US Airways pilot. They designed a holster with a padlock intended to make contact with the trigger of a loaded gun with a chambered round.


Seriously, the word "Federal" alone should forever become a punchline.

Now granted, it is ALWAYS the responsibility of the gunowner whenever a round leaves his/her gun's muzzle, shy of it being fired after it were stolen, snatched out of your hands in a struggle, a round cookoff, or some undetected catastrophic structural failure within the gun and it discharges.

Of course muzzle discipline is the only thing that will always mitigate that.

But, what if you're an armed pilot or an air marshal stuck in a relatively tiny cockpit or basically an aluminum tube, with nowhere to go 1000's of feet up in the air?

Where's a 'safe' direction for your gun's muzzle, up there?

Not to mention, from the looks of it, seems like the pilot wasn't carrying frangible rounds in his gun. From shooting them and what I understand, frangibles are supposed to dissipate energy before breaking the surface threshold of aluminum fuselage/padded layers/wires/cables, etc. Though, then again, who knows? Like all things in life, sometimes things don't work as designed.

As Paul demonstrates in the CNN segment, the very practice of requiring an armed pilot to lock then unlock a padlock WITHIN the triggerguard, in full contact with the trigger (many popular guns on the market do not have enough clearance behind the trigger to fit the radius of the Fed.Govt mandated Master padlock-like curved bars), WITH a loaded chamber, every single time his butt leaves the chair, is 100% recipe for disaster, 100% of the time.

So the clueless govt policy mandates people whom they trust to fly 10~500 people on a flying tube filled with highly flammable fuel, then deem them okay to actually carry a loaded firearm, chambered at all times, yet mandate a moronic procedure, and holster design.

Chucky Schumer must have come up with that mandate.

"Federal," hell "government" too should seriously be a punchline, from now on.

Bah rahp bam!

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