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U-T San Diego: Ron Paul rips DEA over San Diego case

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Yup, I just came from there :)

Wow...It is only 9:40 and that was today. That is The San Diego Union Tribune Website. Let's see if they put that IN PRINT tomorrow and I DARE THEM PUT A PICTURE OF THE AWESOME CROWD ON THE FRONT PAGE of The Newspaper.

Yes, people: It was an AWESOME event. Maybe 3,000. Maybe more.

I was told a group of Romney Supporters tried to BLOCK Dr. Paul from speaking, so the speech by the guy who introduced Ron Paul had to do with Freedom of Speech. Later Dr. Paul continued on The Message Of Freedom.

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A great time indeed, it was a bit awkward having the lectern below the crowd. I got there right when it started and had to find a place that had a line of sight between two heads, and I'm 6'2.

I was down very close to the podium.

Looking behind me was just a sea of people going up a hill. The ones at THE TOP I am certain they could not see him. Then one side all filled too. The other side was a building (...just writing this for people who were not there). Could have been 4.000 people, all packed like sardines on a grassy hill and an area with trees to the side, also packed.

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Found a pic

I'm the only one wearing orange (with my daughter in my arms).


Awesome Kid

That's such a great photo

Sure is..and a super article

Sure is..and a super article too!