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TMOT Ron Paul video

Great speech by Derrick Grayson. He has some really interesting videos online and talks a lot of sense.

This one got me pumped!


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TMOT seems pretty cool

TMOT seems pretty cool actually. I think there might be a difference in expectations of lingo with many people as he uses God damn a lot, but the message is usually very spot on. Its seems just to be his way of emphasis of importance. If you can over look that part if it bothers you its a good video. If it offends you, you may wish to avoid his video's but he is a passionate supporter of Paul.

The English Word God

is from Gad the Caananite god of fortune, chance, fate. The name of the Almighty is Yahweh and His son is Yehoshua or Y'shua (informally). The Greek word used in the Bible that is translated God is Θεος, the one who sets things in place. It's just a title. The Old Testament says to worship neither God nor Money (Gad and Moneh). Moneh was the Caananite god of numistics, money. I choose to worship the Son of the Man, who is the Creator incarnate, Emmanuel "diety in common with us". Peace.


does tmot stand for?
I use a lot of abbreviations, but have no clue what this is.

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The Minister of Truth

The Minister of Truth

Bad title


really really offensive

... title. Mods please delete immediately.

I agree.

I endured about 30 seconds. I would hate for people to think this is something Ron Paul would be associated with.

Formerly rprevolutionist

I Liked It

The guy is pro-liberty, and supports Dr. Paul. Fiery too.

God damn...

Loved it.

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BumP: This is big.

Thanks of this post.

That is my favorite video of all

But it is too controversial to spread around because most people aren't familiar with Black preachers and are focusing on the word thinking it is blasphemy. Rev. Wright said God Damn America and it was blown out of context. It was meant in the way TMOT is using it.

No lie can live forever

Derrick Grayson