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U.C.S.D. Rally!

Hello all, I have just returned with several friends from attending the Ron Paul Rally at UCSD and it. was. awesome. Great crowd full of great conversations - I heard a lot of new stories, and a few times I laughed at how common this phrase was echoed,

"That's awesome, most people don't know that, I AM SO GLAD YOU DO!!!"

The movement is well on its way, folks. I can tell you that for sure. Shame on me but I wasn't aware of Ron Paul until the debates in September and now having seen the movement first hand once at UCLA and again at UCSD, knowledge is flowing, morning eyes are being wiped, and the new day is shining bright.

Keep fighting, keep pushing, and if nothing else, keep talking.

I love you, all.

P.s. - Crowd size was about 1,000+, hard to tell for sure since everyone was standing. I also left my phone/camera in the car, so sadly I cannot post how close I was to the stage - perhaps I will be in some shots as I was behind Paul holding a "REVOLUTION" sign.

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where is the revolution everybody is talking about??

I was the guy there with a Mitt Romney sign...was sad to see how docile most of the "revolutionaries" were. Most just walked by and made some smart ass remark..very few tried to break me out of the matrix??? But to those few that did..THANK YOU!!


Carry your phone/camera

EVERYWHERE. I learned this early on. You can't give people an opportunity to share the experience of the movement if you cannot record it for later posting. This is how evidence works. People see enough records of an event from different sources and then the truth is revealed without having someone 'tell' it to you (MSM).

Very diverse crowd...

I think about 30%+ were ethnic minorities of all kinds. There were many Asians and some Hispanics. I saw a few women with Saris too. I'm just reporting this because of all the previous hype that only Wasp types come to these sort of events. But as we know, freedom and Ron Paul bring people together.

UCSD was 3000 +

Way more than i thought would come... LIBERTY is popular .. You don't need to sell it 'cause it sells itself.. a great night for the rEVOLution!!!

Veteran -Dad -Artist

It was freaking amazing.

The crowd was totally energized. Thousands of people watching Ron Paul's mastery of the teleprompter (g). You could hardly even tell. This man is so freaking inspiring. It's just amazing to listen to him go on for nearly an hour. He knows all this stuff so well, and just who else even talks about the things he talks about? PRESIDENT PAUL! We were chanting over and over again!

What teleprompter?

What teleprompter?

Bugs in the machine's picture

The one in his head!

The one in his head!

By claiming there is no conspiracy, you prove to those who believe in the conspiracy that you are part of the conspiracy.


The teleprompter remark was my own little RP joke, since I don't think he'd recognize one if he saw one. It was freaking amazing to listen to this man speak, as it always is. No notes, no written text, no teleprompter....just his own wisdom in his own words.


Glad you could share the experience.

My favorite part about the event were the conversations, so inspiring.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Thanks for the telling of

Thanks for the telling of what you have experienced. Super that you got to actually see Ron so fast. Yea! Tel 20 more people! :)