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Current president able to halt the election?

Ok, I came across something on the internet explaining how Obama can effectively shut down the election by a declaration of war on the home front. With the combination of Directive 51(Bush) and NDAA(Obama) all that needs to happen is an incident inside the US. Namely the convention in Tampa. If the info I found is wrong, please tell let me know.

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Martial Law?

Under which the Constitution(gasp) is suspended and President is dictator?

I read in a blog around 1999-2000 that "Bush will lose the election in 2000, be re-elected in 2004, and emperor by 2008"

He was pretty close, and no doubt we should expect something before the election - let's hope we're wrong.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.

Thought I heard the same as you.

Back when Bush was in office I remember someone telling me he signed an executive order stating that if there was a major catastrophe in the country the current president could postpone an election and remain in office. Don't know if that's what your talking about. Sure hope I heard wrong!

I can't see how. The feds have ZERO authority over elections

Everything is in the hands of the States - as it should be.

I'd bet a million real dollars that the Founding Fathers would scoff at any such notion, much less any claim of such power by the President.

If Obama or any other President really thinks they have such power, they are a clear and present danger to the lives, liberty and property of every American, because they are colossally 'effing stupid. A box of rocks couldn't be dumber. Anyone federal official, elected or otherwise, claiming the power to suspend any election, is worthy of only one of two things - a jail cell or...


that the founding fathers would scoff at a multitude of things that have transpired over the years...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

I would hope

that if it ever came to something like that, military people would look at their first oath. Which is to defend the Constitution and the people of the US.


Since the Oath they take states that they'll defend the Constitution of the US against all enemies foreign and domestic, I think we all know which side the military is going to take.

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so curious I can't tell you what it is in the title!


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is that better?