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Ron Paul Missed Opportunity - Food Freedom

Natural News' Mike Adams and others have awakened many to the takeover of our food supply by the UN, federal government, agribusiness, and big pharma. These issues include but are not limited to family farms and ranches; organic farms; food cooperatives, farmers markets, and the slow food movement; GMO's; toxic pesticides and herbicides; nutrition and "alternative health" re cancer, autism, diabetes, and other diseases or health anomalies; the honeybee crisis; and irradiated food and other standards as per the UN's Codex Alimentarius.

Although these are non-partisan issues, many for whom they are a #1 priority voted for Obama, who made a campaign promise re GMO labeling (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqaaB6NE1TI&feature=related), a broken promise. Indeed, he hired a former top Monsanto executive as his food czar (http://www.veteranstoday.com/2010/11/08/obama-food-czar-is-f...). Still, from posts I read on various food-related issues, some say Obama is still "better than Romney." One Facebook post reads "Ron Paul GMO's?" This individual was clearly open to supporting Ron Paul. But she checked his Congressional record finding nothing to indicate he would be an ally. There is also nothing on the campaign website. Similarly, in another post, the individual said she knows how Ron Paul's supporters seem to feel (I imagine via Natural News and The Daily Paul), but not Ron Paul himself. Re the GMO issue alone, there are "millions against Monsanto," including "mothers against Monsanto."

While Ron Paul does condemn the UN and its policies, what he primarily mentions is monetary policy and, by name, the IMF and World Bank, not to my knowledge Codex Alimentarius and the FAO and WHO, although also included. Nor, when mentioning the federal regulatory agencies does he specifically mention the USDA and FDA with respect to the above food issues, although also included. And while Ron Paul is the clear states' rights guy, nor have I heard him specifically mention, say, the GMO labeling issue in Vermont, where the state, i.e., the people, are being sued by Monsanto. Ron Paul cannot assume that people will make these connections on their own.

The people have a right to know what is in their food. The people have a right to grow, eat, sell, purchase, or exchange whatever foods they wish. Restoring the quality of food available to Americans is crucial to any plan to restore the country and a concern for millions of Americans. I consider it a tremendous missed opportunity that DOCTOR PAUL does not specifically mention FOOD FREEDOM at the campaign site, nor in his speeches.

Weeks ago I, for one, contacted the campaign re this policy issue, requesting that Ron Paul make a statement. I hope others will as well. http://www.ronpaul2012.com/contact-us/

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Ron Paul is on your side

I joined the Repuyblican Party, petitioned and was seated on my Republican Central Committee, so now I can briong up this issue and get some traction.

My Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, is a fraternity, that estemems women like me, of, by and for farmers, small farmers. There are nine Granges in my county, There are hundreds in the state, and thousands nationally. The Grange taught me to write resolutions, and Roberts Rules of Oder, where last year, I wrote a resolution addressing your issue, (several of us did come to find out at the convention) the resolutions were groupeed and passed by the State Grange, and then our lobbiest works on getting a congresscritter to approve and make it law.

Ron Paul backs me. This is one way we work with Ron Paul to Restore America.

Ron Paul needs help. Join your local Ron Paul Meet-up, Grange, or other organization that is politically active and get make the laws you want to live by.

Farmers for Paul and Paul for Farmers - What a team!

Thank you for the reply. As a long-time RP supporter, I myself am aware that he is on our side. My concern is that former Obama supporters may not be. There are millions of disillusioned voters out there, why I feel this needs to come from Ron Paul himself, a statement regarding farmers and food freedom vis a vis specific UN policies and federal agencies.

Re genetic engineering and otherwise, such as the intimidation and threat of lawsuits over the people in a state wishing to ban them, or over farmers saving seeds, or over the labeling of dairy and other products that do not contain GMO's or other substances, the will of the people must preside - via Congress, state legislatures, and allowing companies to truthfully label their products however they wish so as to let the market rule. The politically-motivated USDA/FDA bans what the people want (that is healthy) and doesn't ban what the people don't want (that is unhealthy); it's a messed up system. With Ron Paul as president and needed transparency, the people will get it working as it's supposed to.

Thank you for serving as a role model re Roberts and getting resolutions passed. Keep up the good work!

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Raw milk anyone? I agree, the

Raw milk anyone?

I agree, the good doctor could focus even more on this.

No No to GMO

Yes, Raw milk must be maintained as a 'choice.'

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Food Freedom

All that is expressed in this post bears the need for our attention and supportive action. The implications of "Food Control" are beyond measure. One's political platform, to truly be in the interests of well being and health, must necessarily support wholesome, organic, and not the GMO toxic production of food. There is enough documented evidence, and consistently growing evidence, that GMOs are detrimental to the growth and development of children and significantly compromises the health of the adult populace as well. YES, Dr. Ron Paul, your leadership is called for here!!!

Rose Marie Raccioppi

Food Freedom

Recent research findings in regard to GMOs need to be known, understood, and appreciated for their implications of harm to all aspects of growth, development and well being. This is a MUST see: GMOs (genetically modified food) How safe is your food? - http://www.therealfoodchannel.com/videos/gmos-genetically-mo... And so Dr. Ron Paul let your position of concern and leadership be known in regard to GMOs.

Rose Marie Raccioppi