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Billionaire Jim Rogers Supports Ron Paul For President "The Other Guys Don't Have A Clue"

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If This Bilionaire

is so supportive -

why didn't he support the no-limit PAC with a few dollars?

Unless Jim Rogers comes out

Unless Jim Rogers comes out and says that he OFFICIALLY supports Ron Paul, then these sorts of videos are very misleading.

He did officially endorse Ron

He did officially endorse Ron Paul. But he didn't drop millions of dollars in Revolution SuperPAC : (

He could cough up $50 if he REALLY supported him...



He doesn't convince this guy!

Does he love his money more than his freedom?
Does he REALLY have a clue about what is going on?
Is he waiting for the odds to change so that he can feel like he is supporting a "winner"
Does he REALLY want to help the "fight for liberty"?
I think the answer is...No!
A war is being fought and this "billionaire" is hemming and hawing about this and that.
Another do nothing kind of guy and we are supposed to be enthused about him?
A few Million $$$ to the campaign would convince me but that ain't a gonna happen.

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

"If he gets anywhere near the nomination

I'll certainly support him."

I wonder if he's paying attention to the delegate process.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

How does someone this clueless about money in politics

become a billionaire? Did he inherit it?