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Speak For Ron Paul's Platform

I sometimes wonder when it happened, the conversion, the moment when Ron Paul's message turned me from a apathetic loser to a warrior activist, from whining and dribbling about the status quo never changing to doing something about it, making changes. The gift Ron Paul has given me is the gift of learning and becoming active in everything in my life. We need to give back. We need to comment on all comment sections from Yahoo, CBS, Washington Post, NY Times, NPR, ABC, NBC, FOX, ad nauseum. People need to be shown a way out of the infinite maze the Establishment gives them. Everyone should pick a publication. Then "camp" there and post positive, informative comments about Ron Paul. Trust me there are trolls there now. Any time there is a Ron Paul article, out comes the trolls. If there are no Ron Paul articles, post comments about him in the comment section of other political comment sections. If each of us only spent 10 minutes a day doing this, it would be such a boost. THE MSM has figured out that NO news on Ron Paul is GOOD news. They know that when the post a disingenuous article, Ron Paul fans give links or show the real truth, so they have figured out that let's just go back to IGNORING instead of DISINFORMING. We need to INFORM the people. CISPA is coming and I believe its only going to get worse UNLESS Ron Paul is elected.

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You can also be a warrior activist loser

"we also serve who just aren't very good at it."

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

Absolutely, brother

I spend a great deal of time doing that. In fact, I wrote up this little post for the edification of the neocon contingent. I like it and post it whenever I can. You're welcome to use it, if you wish:

I love how the Republican Neocons try to belittle Ron Paul as a "Libertarian," as if that were a dirty word. I would like to point out that the Republican National platform is one of a humble foreign policy, no nation building, smaller, constitutional government, more individual freedoms, liberty, smaller taxes, no socialist entitlement programs. Any of this sound familiar? I submit to anybody listening that Ron Paul is the true heart of the Republican party, and that the party has been hijacked by a bunch of people who are as unAmerican as the Patriot Act (otherwise why would they vote for it?). This is the exact platform that George W. Bush ran on and won the presidency behind. Of course, he was lying through that hole in his face and completely reversed himself once in office. Then came Obama. Same deal. Lie to get elected, and then embrace everything that Bush did and then some. So it's actually the Republican Neocons who have abandoned their party principles, and those of us who are with Ron Paul are the true Republicans. Those who try to marginalize him and his supporters by calling him/them "Libertarians" are not those who remember their own Republican platform nor are they true to conservative principles. Since when did conservative principles include preemptive wars and warrantless searches? I submit that it's those who denigrate and marginalize us true conservatives (the Ron Paul supporters) who are the true destroyers of the Republican party. I implore them to remember their principles and come back into the fold. Support for and get behind and vote for somebody who not only remembers those principles but lives them and can actually be trusted to follow through on them when elected. Or, really, isn't that what you want?

Man I agree with you

Just so damn annoying how many dumb liberal twits there are on yahoo. I still visit articles from time to time and leave messages about Ron Paul, but man I see the most idiotic people on there trying to blame bush and saying Obama is doing great...its tough to teach those that haven't the brains to listen..