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There are upcoming Primaries!

It's great news that we're flipping some of these caucus states but to keep our credibility we have to compete in the remaining primaries.Of course Dr Paul has a great shot in Texas and will certainly benefit from his popularity in California but there are still new states he could win outright.Montana is one.He had such strong support here in 2008 that the party limited participation to registered delegates and resorted to threats to assure McCain a plurality of the vote.Montana is also the only state that put the good doctor on the ballot in the actual election.Media in MT is cheap.All the major cities are on one highway,interstate 90.A one day visit to big sky country could reap a whirlwind.There are 3 things that win in Montana: Second amendment, Second amendment and Second amendment. New Jersey will have its primary the same day June 05 and the Doc has a major newspaper endorsement there.Real Clear politics has ended its primary polling,telling us the nomination is secure so its up to you folks to let the rest of us know whats going on or of any polls in next weeks schedule. West Virginia, North Carolina and Indiana. I have two questions for these folks:What can we do to help you and Where is this Evangelical support we were supposed to be getting now in these states?Can we hear from
West Virginia
North Carolina?

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Don't forget that Nebraska primaries are Tuesday May 15.

Good thoughts all...

... and I am sure that there will be more focus on the May 08 primaries on Monday, after the weekend conventions conclude. It seems like everything we are focusing on is going on under the radar, but hey... While they all snooze to lose, we are in to win!

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