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Libertarian Convention Presidential Debate - C-SPAN - Gary Johnson Wins Nomination (Video) & UPDATED

Due to all the other interesting things going on over the weekend, some may have missed the other convention news from Nevada:

Where Gary Johnson was nominated for president:

Where Judge Jim Gray was nominated for vice-president:


Where None of the Above won on the first of six rounds of voting for chair of the LP:

Posted previously:

EDIT: Gary Johnson just nominated.

Last night, C-SPAN covered the Libertarian National Convention debate between Lee Wrights and Gary Johnson in Las Vegas, NV.

http://www.c-span.org/Events/Libertarian-Party-to-Choose-Pre... link to debate is on the right; looks like they'll be covering the balloting later today.

Alternative link to part 1 at MoxNews:

Be sure to tune in to C-SPAN to see the nominating process. The LP uses Robert's Rules of order, but you'll be able to see a national nominating convention in action.

Be nice! These are friends of mine (and I should have been there).

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Ron Paul's press coverage is lots better than that for the LP candidates.

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Vote to Suspend the Rules to Nominate Ron Paul

The vote to suspend the rules to nominate Ron Paul just failed.

It's a very tough decision, but the LP has many Paul supporters who switched their registrations to vote GOP in many states, and Ron Paul, himself, has made it clear he did not want the nomination, so feelings are mixed.

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Live voting coverage at the C-SPAN link above, right now.

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Now That I've Watched It

It's about 2 hours long. The Ron Paul question is near the end. The answers brought tears to my eyes.

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