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I was just reading another post about delegate strategy. It was mentioned that Santorum supporters might not bother to make the trip to Tampa and that Dr. Paul's supporters should try to fill these slots. I'm just wondering if there are Ron Paul supporters who want to be delegates but can't afford the fees, travel, hotel, etc.

Assuming this is legal, maybe we can start up a collection to help them with these costs? I have to admit that I don't fully understand this process but it seems like it would be the single most effective money we can spend (getting our delegates to the actual convention).

Can someone who knows more about how this works chime in? It would be a real shame to lose delegates just based on a couple hundred bucks of travel related expenses.

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Or would it be shady?

People are questioning Mitt Romney paying delegates. I think the difference would be to not buy their vote but rather just help offset their costs in supporting a candidate they already supported of their own free will.


For Example

User w1945 said in the post below that he "will more than likely spend thousands of our own dollars to go the the RNC".

We should help these people offset their costs since they're doing the "heaviest lifting". Would anyone else be up for this? A bunch of small donations would likely add up and help these people out.


I am a freaking
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delegate to the National Convention from GA. And yes we know what we are doing. It is people like this "Neverquit" that jerks my chain. The guy who made this post is right, we know what we are doing. Do you think we have worked our rear ends off and will more than likely spend thousands of our own dollars to go the the RNC with our heads up our rear ends? I don't think so. Neverquit get this straight. If I were so called bound to Romney they would have to break my neck before I would vote on the first round for him.

Good point