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What if you invested in "Gold and Silver" when Ron Paul entered 2008 presidential race?

I know a lot of people started looking into buying Gold and Silver after learning about Ron Paul. This got me thinking of how much your investment would of increased if you bought Gold and Silver when Paul first entered the 2008 presidential race on March 12, 2007.

March 2007:
Avg price of Gold/oz - ~$654
Current Price of Gold/oz - ~$1642
151% Return on Investment

Avg price of Silver/oz - ~$13
Current Price of Silver/oz - ~$30
131% Return on Investment

Historical Price Source - http://www.kitco.com/

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One way to look at it

The average American pays $5400 per year on health insurance for MD provided Big Pharma "health care". Basically, they're betting that they're going to get so sick that they can't pay for it, and then they're choosing someone completely unqualified to handle disease to boot. Putting an MD in charge of your health is like taking your computer to plumber when it needs fixing (thanks Peter Glidden for that reference).

If they would have invested that $5400 per year over the last 5 years ($27k) into gold and/or silver, they'd have about $66,420.

With those kinds of gains, you could:

• Buy cheap catastrophic medical coverage (so the trendy brainwashed types couldn't say you were "milking society" if you got in an accident)
• Eat as close to 100% organic as possible
• Afford the best supplements money can buy
• (Most likely) Never be sick again (meaning you'd never be accused of "milking society" again)
• Live a long, healthy, and (most likely) happy life
• And still have lots left over for a rainy day

But that scenario is only for us in the "Reality Based World" (thanks a lot, Karl Rove).