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Libertarian 2012 Presidential Debate In Las Vegas pt.1

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How refreshing to actually

How refreshing to actually have a civil debate with politicians that don't have to explain away their past records. It makes Dem and Repub primary debates laughable as pretentious, cult of personality, superficial pandering that can only score points by attacking your opponent.


Looks like it is going to be Gary Johnson.

ha! Alabama just cast a vote for Ron Paul.

Gary Johnson promises

$1.4 T cut the first year, veto any spending that exceeds revenue, eliminate the IRS. Ron Paul plus!

Its really refreshing to hear liberty minded ideas

It was cool to listen to two guys both calling for the end of the federal income tax

Promises to "submit" a 1.4T

Promises to "submit" a 1.4T cut. But yea, he did one up Paul's $1T. It feels strange watching these debates because I guess I feel like everyday GOPers do in the Republican debates in that I mostly agree with all the candidates on stage.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

So refreshing to hear common

So refreshing to hear common sense.

It is also interesting to watch and kind of charaterize Johnson and Wright. Johnson is like Romney in that he is the front runner who is being held down to Libertarian principles by the other guy, who I guess would be like Paul, lagging slightly in the polls and name recognition, but seems to debate with a little more passion. Even though Johnson clearly has libertarian principles and passion as well.

It would be great to listen to Ron Paul debating with these guys in this format.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

What a well run debate, this is how it should be done

In comparison the Republicans should be embarrassed. They stayed on topic, were very respectful to each other. No silly squabbles or personal attacks, when they disagreed neither became disagreeable. The moderator was very fair with time allotted and rebuttals, he made no attempt to foment hostilities between the candidates. Compared to the immature and amateurish Republican debates this was a breath of fresh air.

Gary Johnson is sharp......

I think he'd make a great VP for Dr Paul

The Rumor of Ron Paul to the LP is Over

Now, all the comments that Ron Paul is going to the LP has the Presidential or Vice Presidential nominee ends today. The suspension of the rules to nominate Ron Paul, which required 2/3 just failed.