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Mrs. Spacehabitats just left for the Iowa nominating committee

Half of the national delegates and alternates from Iowa will be nominated today. According to Rachel Maddow, Ron Paul supporters "swept" the nominating committee. I don't know any of the committee members except for my wife and one other person who is definitely NOT a Ron Paul supporter. I know that she is planning on presenting the names of several Iowans who are not known Ron Paul supporters. All of the people she is planning on recommending are worthy candidates.

Once the committee finishes the slate of delegates today, they STILL must be approved by the body of the Iowa State GOP convention in June. Although this approval has been nearly automatic in the past, there is no guarantee that this panel will be approved THIS year. There may be people at the convention who will raise objections because they will claim that the panel produced by the committee is biased. They may even present an alternate panel composed of Romney supporters to replace the proposed slate of delegates.

If they can convince a majority of the convention to go along with their motion, then all of the work of the committee today will be in vain.

Just FYI.

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Thank you for your contributions Mrs and Mr.


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Mrs. Spacehabitats

Mrs. Spacehabitats is doing the heavy lifting for our cause. Please give her a BIG thank you for me!

I will pass your thanks along.

She does deserve it. Especially since she hates politics. But she loves freedom and our nation more.

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