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The Evolution of a Ron Paul Supporter

The Evolution of a Ron Paul Supporter

Who is Ron Paul?

He expressed some unorthodox views in his 20 seconds of debate coverage last night. CNN and Fox News are right – his ideas are dangerous and outside of the mainstream.

Well, maybe I will give Ron Paul’s views a second look. None of these “mainstream” ideas (e.g., habitual wars, deficit spending, welfarism, bailouts, corporatism, etc.) seem to be working.

What is the Federal Reserve anyway?

An unelected privately-owned central bank that artificially sets interest rates and controls our currency without any accountability or transparency? That doesn’t seem right.

The Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air to pay for big government spending, which in return dilutes the value of dollar and causes higher prices for goods and services. I understand the inflation tax now -- this really hurts middle and low-income Americans!

How could I be such a fool? Voting for a big spending liberal like Obama is the functional equivalent to voting for transferring wealth from the middle class to the wealthy while further exacerbating the disparity between the rich and poor. Well, no big deal. We will just tax the rich.

Wow. Taxing the rich will compensate for one single pathetic day of federal government spending per year? I wonder why Obama and the liberal media make such a big deal out of taxing the rich and making them “pay their fair share” when it would essentially accomplish, well, nothing.

Okay maybe I will vote Republican but I do not like their war-mongering and blatant disregard for civil liberties. Wait a second. Obama is also a war-mongerer and perhaps the worst civil rights President in history. He extended the Patriot Act, did not close Guantanamo Bay as promised, and passed the NDAA under which he assassinates US citizens without due process.

Geez, at least when I vote Republican we can cut some spending. Wait a second. George Bush brought the US to the brink of depression by spending as much as all of the preceding presidents combined by the end of his first term, increased federal spending by 68%, introduced the largest entitlement program since the 1960s (a prescription drug benefit for seniors), spent $15 billion for AIDS relief in Africa, expanded the Department of Education, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Health and Human Services…

What the **** is going on?!?! Now that I stepped outside of my party rhetoric and actually looked at results, these political parties act the same! More wars. More spending. More inflation. More debt. More welfarism. More corporatism. More bailouts. More regulations. More revolving door and corruption. Less civil liberties. Less freedom.

Now I see why Ron Paul supporters are so enthusiastic and passionate. They are trying to liberate the minds of debt-enslaved sheep like me that have been systematically brainwashed into thinking I have freedom and choice in this illusory democracy!

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I never heard

I never heard Ron Paul ever say on national TV that the Fed is a “privately-owned" central bank. If you can provide any clips it would be appreciated.

“The Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air to pay for big government spending”,

No… the Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air, $16 trillion between 2007 and 2010, to give it away to private banks and corporations all over the world driving the American people into further debt… not “big government spending”

“I understand the inflation tax now -- this really hurts middle and low-income Americans!”

Most of the money the Fed prints doesn’t go into the American economy to create inflation but it’s used by the banking system (their owners) for market manipulation and lending the government money to pay the $450 billion annual interest payments on the $17 trillion debt… The inflation is a cover and "big government spending" is to blame for it … the American economy is actually starving for money which is why it’s in a recession

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."
Jimi Hendrix

Soleprobe, With all due


With all due respect, I think you missed "the point" of the article. The Fed's shareholders are privately-owned banks (yes, there are "public aspects" of the Fed but the purpose of this article was to more or less highlight some of reasoning and questions raised during the transition from sheep to truth -- not get into narrow semantical discussions). Likewise, printing out money out of thin air to pay for big government spending is one of many reasons it does so and wasn't intended to be exclusive (yes, it gives it away to private banks and corporations too!). Same with regards to the inflation tax. While the Fed printing money may not necessarily go into the American economy with the intent to create inflation (which I would argue it does), inflation is undoubtedly a by-product of the Fed's policies.

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LOL, for me it wasn't an evolution at all

The first time I heard what Ron Paul had to say, I felt the combined sensation of having a glass of freezing cold water poured over my head mixed with a hard slap across the face. Phew, talk about being stunned into reality!

This is great Newt.

This is great Newt. Especially for RP newbs and dissatisfied repubs. Good work.

Cool. I see you took the red

Cool. I see you took the red pill too : ).


Lets see how deep this rabbit hole goes.

I'll tell you....

...it's not only the "lovely woods" that are "dark and deep".

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?


So did you just discover Ron Paul, or did someone else write this or what? I love it!

Anyways, I shared to facebook - thanks :)

I was really just bored this

I was really just bored this morning so decided to write about how I perceived many people turning to Ron Paul.

For me it was... What is the Federal Reserve anyway?

OMFG!!! This is all one big illusion and trying to fix anything else is like building a pyramid starting with the capstone.

Ron Paul's anti-Fed stance had me at "hello". The rest has been icing on the cake.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

Just posted this on my FB

Just posted this on my FB page!

Oh my! Such a Good piece. Just got to send it to some

on my list. You have said it all. There is no actual reason to vote for either the Democrats or the Republicans...the ONLY one we can really be correct with is President Ron Paul 2012...

Thanks for such an inspiring read...

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

nice! :)

nice! :)