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Las Vegas Sun: GOP establishment 'staying clear' of state convention

(NOTE: I do not like how this story is framed, but it does have some good info.)

The Nevada Republican convention: a train wreck waiting to happen?

The state’s leading Republican office holders plan to stay clear as supporters of Texas Rep. Ron Paul work to keep his candidacy alive

By Anjeanette Damon

The Nevada Republican convention that kicks into full swing today in Sparks is a key step for the Republican hoping to win the White House in November.

It also has the potential to be such a toxic display of the party’s divided factions and lack of organization that virtually none of the top elected Republicans in the state will actually set foot in the convention hall.



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The word LAWYER got mentioned about 4 or 5 times in the

aarticle...this is where the American people must come out of their shell and demand that Lawyers leave the election process...the GOP is run by thieves and robber barrens. There is no question that the GOP has cheated on the counting of votes giving Romney a substantial lead.

It started out in Iowa, went on to New Hampshire than on to Maine and on and on we go...It is a trick to try and snuff out the Light of President Paul...we must not allow Lawyers to ever run our lives....EVER!

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate