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Great News: We ARE now mailing California. Announcing LibertyUSA PAC

EXCLUSIVE to the DailyPaul: Just launched this new PAC, LibertyUSA PAC, known as a hybrid PAC. This site was specifically created to enable the mass mailing of Super Brochures to California. It is the only way the brochures can be mailed to this state.

The purpose is to do direct mail to all registered Republican voters in California. It's live, now, and all registered with the FEC. You DP'ers are the first to see it!!

We are now mailing California. The ticker is up.

LibertyUSA PAC also supports the grassroots massively, providing strategic aid to all canvassers, especially in Texas and California or any other upcoming primaries. This includes sending out much-needed literature, brochures, bumper stickers, and signs.

Another key purpose of the PAC is to protect the vote and also to investigate and prove any election fraud. Yet another is to support the delegates in as many ways as possible.

Note: a hybrid PAC has the added benefit of dividing up the funds, personal contributions into one account and companies/corporations into another.

The PAC is also collecting money for the delegates, to fund ALL their needs. Donate generously.

You can stay entirely anonymous with this. LibertyUSA PAC is the sender.

List what precincts you wish to buy, if any. Otherwise, the PAC will make the selections. To donate: www.LibertyUSApac.org

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Westward Ho!

for California! Your transaction ID for this payment is: 9W992175KE8039214

Hello, Dr. K. Excellent! California Can Be World News :)

Thank you so very much for everything and I was sitting around and simply decided to put out the call for a $10 MILLION DOLLAR MEGA-MONEY BOMB FOR CALIFORNIA:

Text, E-Mail, Facebook, Tweeter: ALL NETWORKS:

Copy / Paste / Send:


Wisdom Strategies

Choose a way to pay PayPal

Choose a way to pay
PayPal securely processes payments for Liberty USA Pac.


I'll donate tomorrow when y'all switch to PayPal. Question (really just to confirm) ... this is basically the same as when we used to directly buy up Super Brochures right? I.E. I donate say $50, and roughly 90 people get a Super Brochure? It seems like a HUGE benefit of doing it this way is we don't have to have our real names and addresses put out as the return address on all these SB... I know that's always made me really leery every time I've bought the SB in the past. My name and address showed up at about 100 people's homes in probably about 10 states now. Creeps me out.

So: we donate to your new PAC, then the PAC sends them out w/ "LibertyUSAPAC" as the sender? I get to stay anonymous even though PayPal will give you my real name/address?


Yes, that is correct. The PAC will apply the donations

in kind to the purchase of SuperBrochure mailings. If you want that to be California, list it so.

Update: Good News!!!

Thanks, Granger, for the insight. The PAC is switching over to PayPal tomorrow. Everyone there is excited to support Mr. Thiel.

PAY PAL is up and running

don't forget to print off your affirmation form, scan, and email. Or,fax to 1-847-473-4780.

What a shame

PayPal founder Peter Thiel donates $1.7M to Ron Paul PAC - Robin ...www.politico.com/news/stories/0212/73074.htmlCached
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Feb 20, 2012 – Peter Thiel is the largest contributor to the super PAC supporting Ron Paul's presidential bid.

I remember making posters: Google Ron Paul

If I want to ruin my day, I see the word "google".. they are part of the problem IMO.


Those are the comparison sheets I used (just printed them out double-sided).

As foor the message I posted above, I just copied that three per regular piece of paper (portrait) and then cut it to put in envelopes.

I was able to get packs of 500 envelopes at Costco. They were a little small for the super-brochures, but I just folded the bottom right at the founding fathers, then the side a little bit so it would fit. They are pretty durable, so it doesn't leave a permanent crease.

We're trying to get all 2000 out before next weekend so there is plenty of time before early voting starts.

With the MSM blackout, I figure some people just need a nudge to be awakened. Hopefully this provides it for a few.

Tu ne cede malis.

2014 Liberty Candidate Webpage:

2014 Liberty Candidate Thread:

Our meetup group has teamed up to

directly mail 2000 letters to registered Republicans in our county. We have included a Super Brochure, a Paul-Romney comparison sheet, and the following letter in each mailing:

This brochure has been completely paid for and sent by local Monterey County Republicans who are concerned about our country. We believe Ron Paul embodies the true traditional Republican values of limted government and fiscal conservatism that is sorely needed. We also believe that Mitt Romney will abandon conservative values immediately upon getting elected, and without the change in the size of government the economy will have massive problems. So, the difference between electing Mitt Romney over Barack Obama will only be that the failure will be blamed on conservativism (when really it is just another big government Republican). Please take the time to take a deeper look at Congressman Ron Paul. He is drawing huge crowds touring throughout the country that is largely going unreported by the media, but is all over Youtube. If you believe Ron Paul's limited government is for you, there are four things you can do:
1) Spread the word.
2) Donate to his campaign at www.ronpaul2012.com
3) Make sure you vote in the Republican Primary for Ron Paul.
4) Visit www.dailypaul.com to get up to date information from Ron Paul supporters.
For Liberty,
Ron Paul Monterey County Meetup Group

Tu ne cede malis.

2014 Liberty Candidate Webpage:

2014 Liberty Candidate Thread:

This is GREAT! We need and

This is GREAT! We need and online flyer site where we could go and pick flyers to print out and mail or pass out. I would like to do this in my county, I have a mailing list of Republican voters, about 200, from 2008! Can you put your materials online or tell me where I can get some?

Online Site for Info and Materials....

...was created here:

can store files, links, pics, database, etc.

Free sign-up with limited moderation to prevent spam.
Also has group email and chat. Check it out.


comparison sheets:
check the threads.
Free flyers:

Please bookmark and share whenever wherever you can + bump the threads for more exposure.

I wished We would pack some of these into the superbrochure mailings.(anyone thinks this would be a good idea?)

great..lets hope people in other counties copy paste that AND

please start a new thread about this(maybe after the buzz about nevada is over)!!! Great Job!

I'd like to make an appeal for help

While having a product like "Ron Paul" Porter/stout/soda/candy, or Energy drink, might actually be THE solution (I think so), flyers, issue cards, Super Brochures, I pass them all out, but that's not working. People don't want them. They might want a sticker, but enrgy bar or drink even water, people will take stuff like that, put the message of freedom on those...

Here in NORCAL we need bill boards, banners, advertizements on movie screens, paid ads in our local papers. This is what works.

So if we had a pac that bought billboard time and vinyl... bought movie theatre ads, local news paper ads. we would reach allot more people than expecting volunteers to pass out stuff, or mailing Republicans stuff.

If there was a billboard here, and advertizement in the local paper, and on the local theatre, we would have everyone scrambling to get more information. As it is, the stuff might as well be going into the fireplace unread.

Most folks tell me, "No thank you"... they don't want stuff that will become waste".

I say this because I want to win and it's MY experience.

You are trying to reach the

You are trying to reach the general public! Less then 4% of which vote in a Republican primary! That means 96% of your effort is WASTED! With limited funds, we need to concentrate on that 4% that vote in Republican primaries! IMHO

You are correct in this strategy

The Pac is using the majority of the funds to directly contact Republic SuperVoters. Correct, correct. As funds come in mailings DIRECTLY to these voters will begin in CA and TX next week.

There is just me

I have no help in Mendocino, Lake or Trinity County CA.

Do you know how big that area is?

A_a_ron biught me 5 banners whihc I am putting up in Mendocino,,, Ukiah is a 70 mile drive one way, Covelo is a 70 mile drive the other way, and I need to put the banners up legally, so It's also a metter of permission, whihc slows things down a little, two up, three to go, I'm doing the best I can.

There were two who said they might be able to help... they can't help (too far to go to Ukiah.. why there is no one friom Ukiah, I don;t know. I go to events, I am on the central cvommittee, I amreaching, out I have spent hundreds on this myself.

Don't give me anymore flyer, people don't want them. SERIOUSLY.

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I hear you, Granger

I'm also in a rural area with no help. That's how I came up with the power pole sign idea. On my occasional drive to our county seat 50 miles away there are 2 separate highways. They pass through several areas of public lands; Forest Service, BLM, State and Fish & Game properties. With a stepladder and a carpet stapler, Ron Paul can be literally posted easily in these places. Hunting maps will identify these areas for you. If people can plaster signs on power poles in the city (garage sales, lost dogs, etc.), why not do it over the countryside? Contact 1,000's of voters every day!

This would work great in rural California, West Texas and Montana to name a few. Think about it!

Thanks, Granger, and all this will be considered and

with sufficient funds, yes, we can do billboards and ads. Everything has to be based on the most strategic use of the funds: and efficiency. Not much time left!!

Very Good Sir!


For Liberty!


lets win both

Congratulations, everyone. We have our first public donor,

right from the brave audience of the DailyPaul ($100.00). Private donors have pledged, and that money will come in shortly.

Thanks to DP'ers for getting LibertyUSApac starting in the public domain!! God bless you!!!


A small ad in a local paper under $50, we have 5.. that $250 to reach 250K people for one week in the local ads.

They should be cleaver... like Help Wanted: Republican Voters for Ron Paul seeking constitutional government contact www.rp2012.com

You should add the comparison sheets Romney vs. Paul

into your mailings of the superbrochure!
They are free to print and directly issued by a daily paul grassroots activist.(http://www.dailypaul.com/user/45523)

The "problem" with the superbrochure is that they dont expose what Romney stands for. People need to relate Dr. Pauls base to what Romney stands for to make a decision.

Together they are a vote collector!

Just put a comparison sheet in between the superbrochure and the conservative voter will have many second thoughts.

For California:

For Texas:


For all other states:

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Long awaited news!

I've been hoping a SuperPac would step up and support the grass roots. This is great! I'm in Montana and we need help, no state organization here. Are there any vertical signs available that can be stapled to power poles?

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Donated, too!

Folks, if Dr. K is behind this you can rest assured the money will be spent for RESULTS. Thanks Dr. K and all on your team.

As soon as those donations roll in LibertyUSApac will help you

Big-Time with those signs. And whatever else you need!!

LibertyUSA Projects:The main

LibertyUSApac Projects:
The main project of our pac is to win the upcoming primaries, especially California and Texas but also Montana. Another key project is to ensure the integrity of the vote. LibertyUSApac is aggressively involved in both election integrity and proving, as well prosecuting, the fraud. Another key project is to support the delegates, financially. Our PAC is investigating how this can be done. If fraud is found against any voter(s), LibertyUSApac will seek to prosecute the criminals.

A list of LibertyUSApac's key projects include:

•Saturation mailing of Texas with Super Brochures for a total win
•Saturation mailing of California with Super Brochures for a total win
•Saturation mailing of Montana with Super Brochures for a total win
•Saturation mailing of Arkansas with Super Brochures for a total win
•Funding grass-roots activists and supplying them with literature and signs
•Funding exit polling to ensure an absolutely accurate vote
•Funding of the key vote-confirming Web site, www.ronpaulvotecount.org
•Possible funding of expenses for delegates (we are working on this)
Fighting vote fraud

The whole basis of this PAC is to ensure an absolutely accurate vote.No one has a right to steal votes and suppress people. Let the people speak, once and for all, and let their votes be counted. Let the best candidate win. Your donations will go largely to combat voter and election fraud.

Count the Vote
There is no basis for trusting the vote count. Thus, LibertyUSA is involved in counting the vote, both for upcoming primaries/caucuses and previous elections of the 2012 presidential primary. LibertyUSApac is the originator of the much utilized Web site, www.RonPaulVoteCount.org.

Grass-Roots Campaigning
LibertyUSA is heavily involved in supporting the grass roots. This is through funding any grass roots projects, like direct mail, and supplying the much-needed campaign supplies such as brochures and signage.