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Malaysians for Ron Paul Facebook page

Creating this group to see if there are any other Malaysians out there who are inspired by the Ron Paul liberty movement in the USA to restore limited and honest government.

If you are please go to Facebook and search for "Malaysians for Ron Paul" and ask for an invite. We don't need a majority only an irate, tireless minority to start the brushfires of liberty in the minds of men :)


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... I have Bangladeshi Muslims as friends on my Face Book... (I have also installed a Drone deterrent on my roof!)... Jesus said Love your enemies... and all your friends on Face Book. Go Revolution... the best days of your lives... God bless all the mothers in Tehran and Kabul and all across the globe who love their children, born or unborn... God keep them safe from Hellfire missiles... they deserve to live as much as we do... bring the troops home... no more missiles... beat your swords into plowshares... your spears into pruning hooks... peace on earth and goodwill to all men... what's wrong with the war-vangelicals.... christian jihadists?

Plano TX

Asians for Ron Paul

There's a message from Joseph Ngo who is leading the push for Ron Paul in the Asian community:

“To reinforce our Ron Paul banner that we have received property management permission to set up in the Little Saigon political Town Square, we need a big turnout.”

DATE: Sunday, May 6, 2012.
TIME: 10am - 4pm (or later)

LOCATION: Asian Village Center –9191 Bolsa Ave Westminster (between Magnolia and Brookhurst), Orange County, CA

“We plan to have to big rally to kick off the final stretch of our Get Out The Vote effort in the Vietnamese American and surrounding local communities. The site we have planned is the area where all recent major political protests or rallies have been staged: the area across from the Asian Garden Mall (Asian Village Center) in Westminster, CA. We have also received permission to erect a large Ron Paul banner on the Asian Village Center property so the rally will be a celebration and affirmation of Ron Paul's message of freedom, peace, and prosperity within the Vietnamese American community and leave an indelible mark on passer bys until election time.”

“We respectfully ask everyone, whether of Asian heritage or just a lover of Freedom, to come out and support us. We will have brochures, different assortment of stickers and goodies available to share.”

”Share this event with your friends. If they are a secret Ron Paul supporter, tell them to let the secret out of the bag NOW. Help get Dr Paul elected or, at the very least, make a protest against CISPA before CISPA overwhelms us all.”

Go here for details:


Be Sure to Keep Us Posted

Give us links and reports from the event so that we can e-mail them to friends who might be interested.

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haha awesome!

Bump! Lets make inroads into 3000 yrs of authoritarian history.

Well said!

Well said!

Bump for Asians

Thank you silverngold and Joseph Ngo. Unity in Diversity in California ... what we need. Love hearing about these grassroots efforts. Good luck and God Speed!