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"Bound" is a shackle we should break as we r3VOLute in Tampa!

Here is a link to a song by the Drifters "There Goes My Baby" and the only relevance is that the word "bound" appears somewhere in this mournful tune. I first heard this song back in the late fifties at the unfortunate end of a first love romance I had with a young lady which I have never gotten over to this day.

Everyone involved with this venture to elevate Ron Paul to the presidency will have memories of it and hopefully no regrets.

I had the opportunity to vote for the Ronald Reagan Liberty Unity Slate in Mitt Romney's own district and was there a few weeks before when that slate was chosen and they practiced their speeches. For no apparent reason they felt it necessary to hide the fact that we were for Ron Paul. I felt that was a mistake because it was a chance to enlighten the other people who showed up to support Romney as to why we were in favor of Ron Paul in the speeches given. After all we want them to support Ron Paul and to give in at the Tampa convention if neither of them get the requisite number of votes.


Let us not miss opportunities to convince Romney forces that Ron Paul is better choice and the best one to restore our limited constitutional Republic.

Incidentally I think it would be a mistake if our delegates adhere to the bound requirement rather they should vote their conscience on the first ballot. This is a r3VOLution after all.

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