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Busted Slate on Live UStream in Nevada!

Breaking in Nevada: Real News from ustream!!!


Earlier today, Rachael Stephens just blew the lid off the mitt romney people cheating by dressing up as Ron Paul supporters with a FAKE delegate badge, and passing out FAKE slates.

She showed a real slate, and the fake slate that had been handed out by the fraudster.

It all started when she brought this point to the chair and everything went crazy from there. The issues at hand are some 400 guests that mysteriously showed up at the start of the convention.

It was said there were 1,146 per-registered delegates, and some estimated 1,700 people in the room. Now they want to know who are credentialed delegates, and who are guests, and should they eliminate the guests from attending the convention voting.

Update: Just announced they will check ID's and compare them to the delegate pass they are issued to get back into the convention.

Update 2.

From RonPaulpeace. Thanks for the support.


Fake slate picture:

Update 3.

From RustyTX on another thread:

"Fake Slate
Submitted by RustyTX on Sat, 05/05/2012 - 23:05.

The guy who apprehended the guy who was passing out the fake slate... had to be escorted out.. they went to his room to find out his true ID... the guy that was apprehended said he "didn't know who he supported".

They have witnesses that say that guy who was passing out the fake slate... was working at the Romney table(s).

Apprehender commented that the fake delegate ID appeared to be scanned and printed out on a printer and attached to a badge.

The apprehender's name is Sean/Shawn. The guy who was passing out the fake slate was not named (yet)."

Update 4.

News blog describing how the scammer was "busted" at the convention. Read more here:


Update 5.

Looks like there were two different incidences reported at two different conventions today. Here is the report about the 2nd scammery in Maine:


This is ongoing. Stay tuned and be aware the romney camp is not taking all this very well. Kudos to our Nevada video crew.

Alert alert legal team!


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I really want to see it.

Truthbearer's picture

A day...

...in the jungle of craziness.


Corporate America paid these trolls to be there.

You know it.


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Watch for this...

...to become a huge issue!

Related to news we are looking forward to?

Ron Paul wins Maine and Nevada!

New supportive chairmen too!


Romney trolls, Romney frauds, Romney cheats...you name it, he's

got it.

Excellent job in seeing

Excellent job in seeing through the Romney campaign's bullshit!
You guys are hero's!!


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And got it live...

...on film!

Oh the media good guys like Ben Swan will love this.

And the bad guys, well they will just ignore the corruption that is killing America as usual. They are after all, the greatest enemy of the American people in modern history.


Whoever The People Are That Are Caught Should be ID'ed

for prosecution and pressed on who put them up to it. If the chairman is an RP supporter he should be doing this and call in he police. This could put Paul in the whitehouse. Tweet, call people there to work the ground and record the names of people who were caught. Fake slates and fake badges is voter disenfranchisement and against the law! If you are reading this try to contact someone there to record - video.

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It is blantant...


How much longer it can go on is anyone's guess.

The good news is, the light is being shined brightly on it for all to see.


yeah but its still not mainstream..

We know it but the majority still doesnt know whats going on..

lets see what comes out of this.
I guess we will hear more tomorrow when the guys are back from the convention.

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Bet on that.

It is nice to see they continue to be exposed giving the fraud of the mit tricksters lots of good attention.

It will come down to the people being shown this kind of corruption and then given the choice of more of the same old garbage, or perhaps someone more honest about real change.


Preying on ignorance. If

Preying on ignorance and misinformation. If anyone is an expert on that it's the likes of Romney, CNN, and Faux News.


with this:


Fake slate picture:

also there is another thread already going on on the same topic..

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...that was posted one minute after this was and missed it.

Like minds think alike aye!

Thanks for your supportive links. Added to story.

We are on target as One!

Big love to Ron!


Who supported them?

Where did they come from? Who printed the fake slates? Who is backing these people? Should we not demand answers? Who is at the end of that trail? RNC? Nevada Republican Party? Mitt Romney?

Should this not be top of the news in Nevada? On Fox?

Fake Slates

According to the livestreamer, the names on the fake slates matched those on the Romney slate.

The fake slate strategy was pulled back in April in Colorado:

Here's a photo from a CO blogger of the fake imitation slate pamphlet:



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Good works.


Way to go Rachel! More proof

Way to go Rachel! More proof that this dubious election fraud does exist - sadly.


Here's the recorded interview with Wis and Rachel:


Thank you for this.

Wow! Crazy. Go get 'em Paulites.

good job

keep on the pressure

I hope they catch these cheaters

Watching it now on ustream.

Let's Fight the Good Fight

C'mon guys!! Regain control!

We're all pulling for you here!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!