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ROMNEY supporters in Maine and Nevada with FAKE delegate credentials passing out FAKE Ron Paul delegate slates

Update on Coordinated Attack

Now this has been reported as happening in Both states. Delegates in Nevada confronted one of the Romney Fakes and he claimed that he didnt know who he supported. He was wearing Ron Paul Gear and was later seen helping out at one of the Romney Tables!

Videos of Different offenders are around the web. Ill try and post a few for you.

ROMNEY supporters in Nevada and Mainewith FAKE delegate credentials passing out FAKE Ron Paul delegate slates. The convention is at recess. Hundreds of bussed in Romney GUESTS being allowed to vote on the floor. Chaos ensues!

Update: After lunch recess all delegates were verified and guests were not allowed to vote anymore!

live feed


Fake slate picture:


These people have got to be ousted from the party FOREVER!

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GET Pictures of the BUSES and Plate No.s. Track down the company

Find out who Hired them from where/Who is paying for them.

people that have fake credentials are trespassing

and are now subject to law enforcement in Nevada, even though this is a private event.

Call the police and take the trespassers away.


Thanks I was looking for those again..

There is more out there also let me know if you see any!

Thanks Again Patriot

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!


Bump. Keep up the good fight. Good job catching those fake slates. Spread the news.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

The Ron Paul

supporters there should already know what delegates to vote for. If they are getting had by these guys, they didn't do their homework.

not about delegate nominations...

it's about the convention chair election...
aka who runs the 'show'...
the fraud credentials hijack the entire convention
from the beginning...
after that
you lose.

move to rescind the election of the chair and revote

due to the integrity of the original vote where fake delegate badges were found, and there were non delegates voting on the floor.

It's fraud

call in the Sparks County Sheriff and deputize a posse
Watch those fake credentials disappear
quick fast and in a hurry.
Just DO it.