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Ron Paul backers dominate Iowa GOP nominees for national convention

Here is the Des Moines Register article describing the results of today's nominating committee meeting.

Ron Paul backers dominate Iowa GOP nominees for national convention

According to Mrs. Spacehabitats, this is a fairly accurate account. However it seems to imply that anyone who did not endorse some other candidate is automatically assumed to be a Ron Paul supporter. I know for a fact that this is NOT the case.

Everything happened under the eyes of the Register reporter, happened according to the rules, and seemed to proceed in a fairly amicable manner.

I guess that's what happens when those crazy Paulites "take over".

After the meeting the reporter stuck around and talked to my wife and Monte for quite a while. Mrs. S. pointed out that in years past, the socially conservative Iowa Christian Alliance had been a dominant force in the Iowa GOP with very little controversy or paranoia.

The Iowa caucuses have also routinely been "won" by candidates that did not go on to win the nomination. Delegates from Iowa also routinely would go to the RNC and voted for candidates that did NOT win the caucus straw poll.

But notice that the reporter says that the events of THIS year have reawakened the debate about Iowa's first in the nation status.

The only difference is that THIS year has seen the successes of the first legitimate grassroots political movement to surface in many years.

Apparently that is one thing that the Republican Party establishment can not tolerate.

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This is terrific news!

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Super news

For Freedom!
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Freedom Bump!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!


Frankly I'm surprised Monte Shaw made that comment. It was surprisingly honest from an establishment character.

“If Mitt Romney wanted more delegates, his campaign would’ve spent one staff hour and one penny on it. They didn’t,” Shaw said. “There’s no conspiracy going on here. It’s called hard work. It pays off. If people don’t like it, they should get more motivated in four years.”

Pottawattamie County Iowa

"Capitalism should not be condemned, since we haven't had capitalism." -Dr. Ron Paul

OK, More Embarassing for the Media

As they dig themselves deeper in hole. People are beginning to see all the corruption. It will backfire

Maine, Iowa, Nevada....Ron

Maine, Iowa, Nevada....Ron Paul has just hit the trifecta on this Kentucky Derby Day.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

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The Virtual Conspiracy

They're stuck on there being "3 winners" for some reason

The only thing that matters is delegates. Therefore there's only 1 winner Dr Ron Paul :)

Yes, I did not like the spin.

But as MSM reporters go, Jennifer is actually pretty objective.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I certainly hope they are Paul supporters

What was the point of fighting for nominating committee positions if we're going to nominate old party hacks? A couple sops to the establishment by nominating the current Governor and Senator is fine, but the rest should be for Paul. If Romney was better organized it would be a 100% Romney slate and no one would question it.

I understand how you feel.

As mentioned in the article (and as I have tried to explain in other posts) this slate of delegates must be approved by the entire state comvention in June. I think that the slate produced today was the best we could have done.

But you are completely correct, if Romney delegates had dominated the committee today, there would have been no compromises.

The Virtual Conspiracy