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reddit has some hostile peoples (i made a popular ron paul thread)


look how furious some of these people are

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You have racked up -221 comment karma in 8 days

Friend me on there, my username is Canada2.

Looking over your comment history, I can see that you often dig yourself a hole then try to fight your way out. That won't fly on reddit.

Try taking a more neutral tone. Ask other redditors what they believe instead of hammering them with your opinion. See if you can find some common ground. You're less likely to get downvoted and more likely to be upvoted by people who don't necessarily agree with you, but find your comments interesting. If you come out shooting you'll get buried most of the time.

You fought valiantly

Your victory may not be in the convincing trolls but in the unseen lurkers you have helped. Ones who are confronted by family, friends and coworkers about Ron Paul and don't know yet how to defend themselves against such erroneous claims and attacks. You provided numerous well thought out and well delivered answers and they did not just fall on the deaf ears of those "indoctrinated" to hate anything Ron Paul. Thanks
and well done!

The politics section of Reddit is a cold thankless unforgiving frustrating place to do battle but just like any forum there's far more listening, reading and forming opinions than voicing their opinion. Keep it up if you have the stomach for it.

Avoiding this level of discussion

Why try to communicate with morons anyway.

This was one of the comments

This was one of the comments I first saw. "Personally, I want gov't in my bedroom. I feel if the gov't is in my bedroom, they'll spread the sex around and I'll actually get to have some. Ron Paul would prevent the gov't from entering my bedroom and keep me from getting laid. "

Reddit isn't perfect.

Reddit isn't perfect.

troll heaven

... where trolls troll each other.

screw reddit, that place

screw reddit, that place isn't worth... well anything..


Reddit gets major traffic. Dismiss it at your peril.

You are just figuring that

You are just figuring that out about reddit now?

Welcome to the internet.

Next time, don't ask your question in a negative manner.

Why should Ron Paul NOT be President?

Ask them:
Why should Ron Paul be our President?

That shouldn't get as hostile of a reaction.

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Ron Paul was extremely popular on reddit four years ago.

but in the meantime reddit has become more popular and attracted a less intelligent mainstream audience. reddit is kind of like an internet force now and you can tell this worries people with a certain agenda. They like to persuade people that the Paul support on reddit is not natural but from an army of invading spammers for his cause. The opposite is the case though. Anti-Paul people hover over the new queue in r/politics and spread their vitriolic crap every chance they get. They have their own subreddit called r/enoughpaulspam where they rally themselves.

Ron Paul continues to be

Ron Paul continues to be extremely popular on reddit. Stories about him continue to make the front page regularly. r/politics is, in my opinion, pretty much representative of popular opinion in the western world:

- Welfare is popular. If you attack it you will upset many people.
- A lot of people are Keynesians who hang on ever word Paul Krugman writes
- A lot of people are "conservatives" in the sense that David Frum is. He did a AMA the other day and got over 800 comments last I checked. It was such a circle jerk I didn't comment, but amazingly he admitted that the war in Iraq was a mistake and backpedaled from his prior support of it.
- War is a lot less popular than it was a few short years ago

I'm going to keep posting on reddit, promoting and defending Ron Paul in particular and liberty in general.

r/politics is a haven for

r/politics is a haven for obama trolls. Don't be surprised when posting there that you get insane people blathering nonsense as if they're the ultimate authority on everything.

Boy! They really out themselves with their own blather!

They certainly make it quite clear that they are in favor of using as much force as needed to enslave the people to do their bidding.

What is easy to see there is that these people actually don't want anything to do with freedom, or the American way. They want to have goons running around clubbing anyone who doesn't kneel down to their desires.

It's very instructive to see the way these people don't think.
It's pure emotion. Mostly hate.
There's not an actual thought in the bunch.