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Charlie Daniels & Fighting AGENDA 21 (Audio, video and literature)

AGENDA 21 (UN Document Link)
Nature Above Man

Sustainable Development is ostensibly concerned with
the environment; it is more concerned with restructuring the
governmental system of the world’s nations so that all the people
of the world will be the subjects of a global collective. Many of
its proposed implementation strategies require the surrender of
unalienable rights.

Charlie Daniels was a guest on Infowars May 4, 2012. The interview can be heard here:


Charlie Daniels new song "Behold a Pale Horse"(interesting lyrics):


Freedom Advocates - Recognize Unalienable Rights (Agenda 21 info):


Understanding Agenda 21 (Great pamphlet in PDF to give to family, friends and local politicians):


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Agenda 21 and ICLEI

Our local communities are only just now beginning to wake up to the UN's Agenda 21 and how its global goals are being implemented locally through ICLEI. At a recent town meeting the issue of Agenda 21 was raised by a long-time resident with respect to new zoning laws and a proposal for "accessory housing units." A board member attempted to ridicule her: "For a tea party group to come out and say that this is another conspiracy theory, that this is Agenda 21, this is about power and control with local government, nothing could be further from the truth..."

There is no question as to the connection between ICLEI and Agenda 21. The link above, "Understanding 21" explains it some, as also the bill set to pass in Arizona to prohibit it statewide: http://www.azleg.gov/legtext/50leg/2r/summary/h.sb1507_03-12...

Many in our area are environmentalists, myself included. This issue is not about the environment, per se. Agenda 21 is a global environmental, economic, and social agenda, with the need for global government to enforce the same. Towns can enact environmental policies on their own, without directly signing onto a policy of the UN or an affiliated international organization. That Ron Paul is against Agenda 21, which threatens the sovereignty of the United States, is just one more reason to vote for him.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

recognize the cadres

I find it more effective to counter the specifics of the local 'smart growth' or 'comprehensive' plan than to bring in issues of the UN. Some of the people promoting local comprehensive land use plans have no idea of the history of agenda 21 and sincerely think they have been empowered to create a local vision of land use. Bringing up Agenda 21 sometimes has the effect of talking about flying saucers.

Jumping from perception to technical: At every level, Agenda 21 is provided with a cadre which is a nucleus of trained personnel around which a larger organization can be built and trained. ICLEI is an international body helping to shepherd in and standardize Agenda 21 at the national level. Groups like 1000 Friends of Oregon promote and help enforce Agenda 21 at the state level. At the local level there is usually a sustainability group working at the watershed, county, or regional level funded by foundations and state government agencies like the DNR to help set up local comprehensive land use plan.


someone liken UN Agenda to flying aucers, they may be on the UN payrole, grant, subsudy etc. They have a private interest,

I was just think this morning about a local environmental group..

They were notified about some trees that needed to be taken down (sudden oak death prevention).. so they made mistakes and took down way too many trees.

Corporations around here, when they take down trees, have drawings and give locals the opportunity to collect the wood. Not the ewnvirnmentalists,, they took the wood for themeselves and then tried to pass the fines to the public by seeking donations to fight the local government for neglegence (causing teh sudden oak death).

When someone tells me that they are an environmentalist, I think they have to be ignorant or gullible, weak or paid.

I know what you're saying,

how bringing up Agenda 21 can be akin to talking about flying saucers! I also know there are well-meaning people in gov't unaware of the network in place. Really, some of the town council people are putty in their hands. I guess in terms of tactics, it all depends.

How it evolved in the case I was referring to is that, once informed of Agenda 21 & ICLEI (via a tea party presentation), my friend began to recognize its tentacles in her town. While raising questions about the ambiguity of the town's plan (incl potential major add'l costs & other detriments to esp. seniors), i.e., irrespective of any connection to ICLEI, she did also wish to use a well-attended town meeting *to* help spread awareness of ICLEI & Agenda 21.

The town really had no answers to questions raised about consequences down the road. As it happened, for whatever reason, the particular plans at issue were put on hold indefinitely. I think one has to play it by ear, as there are two goals: to stop the zoning changes, public-private partnerships, and other ways in which ICLEI/Agenda 21 inculcates its goals into policy; and to educate the public as to the same - or (until they burn out) it'll be the same couple people always doing the talking, made to look like some "fringe" element in their towns. I guess in large part it depends on who the audience is. Thanks for helping to keep this issue alive.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Time to ride boys!

Get em Charlie!

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant