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How to Multiply Ben Swann by 35 Times!

As much as I respect and wish the best for our friend Ben Swann of Fox News Cincinnati, we simply need MORE press! Ben does the best job I could ever ask of any one reporter, but frankly Honest Ron needs EVERY reporter fairly covering the campaign, not just one.

Luckily for us, something he said on a facebook chat recently gave me an idea for us to create 35 other reporters like him!

(Disclosure: Mr. Swann himself is already a constitutionalist so it's unlikely that they would do as great a job as he does, but we could at least get them reporting our side to their local markets... Far better than they do currently.)

So here's the deal: Ben said in that facebook chat that the reason he is able to report so openly on the Paul campaign, and not face the media blackout like other channels do, is because his local Fox news is owned by Raycom Media.

According to their 'About us' page, Raycom is:

...an employee-owned company ... and owns and/or provides services for 48 television stations in 36 markets and 18 states. Raycom stations cover 12.6% of U.S. television households

So this means that there are 47 other local tv stations across the USA from Hawaii to North Carolina (only 35 local stations after mergers though) that are basically not affected by the media blackout. These stations show approximately 12.6% of the entire country it's news! (These are sometimes the area's top 2 news channels... Not small time stuff here!)

All that we need to do here is contact someone at each of these 35 Raycom stations and show them exactly why they WANT to be reporting on Honest Ron like Ben does... And of course simply show them where the juicy RP news is waiting for them... Such as right here on DP or on RPForums.

It's easy to see why they'd want to report on the Paul campaign if they aren't being blacked out... Ben Swann's viewership is far, far higher than it would be if he didn't tap into this market, (us) and it's very likely that each and every one of those other 47 Stations would get more viewership from Honest Ron voters switching to them to see Paul on the news for a change!

So to make this easier for you guys, I've gone through the info on the Raycom site and put together this list of contacts. I would have called them all myself if I thought they'd all care about some guy in Kansas' opinion, but alas I am sure they'd care much more from someone in their own viewing area far more.

So I need your help!

If one of your local channels is on the list below, for the sake of liberty, please get someone there on the phone and:

  1. Tell them who you are, and that you're in their viewing area.
  2. Tell them why they would want to get a regular reporter reporting on the Paul Campaign like Ben Swann does. (Give them Ben's YT page!)
  3. Tell them that Honest Ron has actually WON several states according to the GOP's nomination rules, yet the MSM isn't covering any states at all. (Name all current states won to date.)
  4. Tell them how you don't even watch news anymore since you realized they won't cover the real election... (But you'd be their biggest fan once they're the only station in town covering Paul... As would the rest of Paul's numerous voters!)
  5. Then direct them to the DailyPaul, ronpaulforums.com, ronpaulflix.com, and any other sources for their reporters to find breaking news stories on the Paul campaign.

YOU could be responsibile for the waking up of Hundreds or even THOUSANDS of people in your area! Now let's get to it! Just look for your viewing region below! (There may be more than one station in your city)

1. Birmingham, Alabama
Affiliation: FOX; DMA: 39
General Manager: Lou Kirchen

2. Dothan, Alabama
Affiliation: FOX; DMA: 169
General Manager: Erick Steffens

3. Huntsville, Alabama
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 80
General Manager: Vanessa Oubre

4. Montgomery, Alabama
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 119
General Manager: Collin Gaston

5. Tucson, Arizona
Affiliation: CBS; DMA: 70
General Manager: Debbie Bush

6. Jonesboro, Arkansas
Affiliation: ABC; DMA: 181
General Manager: Tracey Rogers

7. Panama City, Florida
Affiliation: FOX; DMA: 159
General Manager: Heather Moore

8. West Palm Beach, Florida
Affiliation: FOX; DMA: 38
General Manager: John Heislman

9. Albany, Georgia
Affiliation: ABC, NBC; DMA: 150
General Manager: Jim Wilcox

10. Augusta, Georgia
Affiliation: FOX; DMA: 111
General Manager: Barry Barth

11. Columbus, Georgia
Affiliation: ABC; DMA: 127
General Manager: Lee Brantley

12. Savannah, Georgia
Affiliation: CBS; DMA: 92
General Manager: Bill Cathcart

13. Honolulu, Hawaii
Affiliation: CBS/NBC; DMA: 71
General Manager: Rick Blangiardi

14. Evansville, Indiana
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 104
General Manager: Nick Ulmer

15. Louisville, Kentucky
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 48
General Manager: Ken Selvaggi

16. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Affiliation: CBS/MyNetworkTV; DMA: 94
General Manager: Sandy Breland

17. Lake Charles, Louisiana
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 175
General Manager: James Serra

18. Shreveport, Louisiana
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 83
General Manager: James Smith

19. Biloxi, Mississippi
Affiliation: ABC; DMA: 162
General Manager: David Vincent

20. Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 167
General Manager: Jim Cameron

21. Jackson, Mississippi
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 93
General Manager: Dan Modissett

22. Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Affiliation: CBS/CW; DMA: 81
General Manager: Tim Ingram

23. Charlotte, North Carolina
Affiliation: CBS; DMA: 25
General Manager: Nick Simonette

24. Wilmington, North Carolina
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 132
General Manager: Gary McNair

25. Cleveland, Ohio
Affiliation: CBS/MyNetworkTV; DMA: 18
General Manager: Bill Applegate

26. Toledo, Ohio
Affiliation: CBS; DMA: 74
General Manager: Bob Chirdon

27. Charleston, South Carolina
Affiliation: CBS; DMA: 98
General Manager: Rita Scott

28. Columbia, South Carolina
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 77
General Manager: Donita Todd

29. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 103
General Manager: Ted Fortenberry

30. Knoxville, Tennessee
Affiliation: FOX; DMA: 61
General Manager: Kelvin Mize

31. Memphis, Tennessee
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 49
General Manager: Lee Meredith

32. Lubbock, Texas
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 143
General Manager: Dan Jackson

33. Tyler/Lufkin, Texas
Affiliation: ABC; DMA: 107
General Manager: Pat Stacey

34. Tyler/Lufkin, Texas
Affiliation: ABC; DMA: 107 (Don't ask me why, but they are located 100 miles apart from the other ABC-107!)

35. Richmond, Virginia
Affiliation: NBC; DMA: 57
General Manager: Kym Grinnage

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bump for incredibly brilliant idea!

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I believe that 12.6% is the

I believe that 12.6% is the fraction of the national audience that CAN receive one of these stations, not that DO WATCH.

Nevertheless, that's huge. (FCC regulations limit the ownership of stations by a single entity to something less than half the country's potential audience. That's one of the things that keeps somebody with money from buying up a bunch of cheap UHF infomertial-and-old-movies stations and starting a new network.)

And as was mentioned, they get a substantial fraction of their potential in a number of markets. (Not surprising: With the media news operations thoroughly dominated by left-wing political correctness and Fox News solidly in the Neocon faction's camp, there's a substantial audience not served. The same forces that drove viewers to Fox when it started will drive many of them to any outlet that actually covers Liberty Wing / Libertarian issues.)

= = = =
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That means: For each job "created or saved" about five were destroyed.

South Carolina Stations Have Been Called

I just called all three stations in South Carolina. I hope the "How to Multiply Ben Swann" strategy starts working soon.

Recognize your State and contact them

Great post. If you see your state listed contact the corresponding media outlet.

My latest Daily Paul article: How the U.S. Media Has Had a Big Hand in Helping Ron Paul Win the Republican Nomination

great idea. Love it!

great idea. Love it!

I would imagine any and all of them would love to have

the traffic Ben Swan gets. Numbers translate to money.

Awesome guys!

Thanks for all of your help! I'm so glad the idea is being seen by such great, motivated people. Gives me a lot of hope for this campaign.

Two minor points I've thought of since:

1. The contact name given at each station is a General Manager, which is not someone you can usually get on the phone when you first call. I might suggest that you ask the person who answers who the best person to talk to is for story/news idea submissions.

2. Emails may work, but phone calls should work much better... Best, of course, is to start with a phone call, get a contact, and follow up with that contact supplying them with what they need by email soon thereafter.

And as cnnrocks brought up below, it would be smart to mention that if they don't have the manpower to follow up with this stuff directly, they can simply Syndicate Ben Swann's Realty Check show... Of course that should be saved for a last resort option.

Thanks again everyone!


sent e-mail to

tucson station

excellent post

Thank you for your hard work, let's keep this post alive.

mountaincat's picture

Great work

Boots on the web.

I got two confirmed votes this week from people I woke up two months ago and woke up four new people.
Oh No, I've run out of bumper stickers!

Damned good idea!

I'm not near one of these but I'm sure we've got members and site visitors near most. Grab some Ben Swann YouTube links and email 'em.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


Ben Swan didn't even know anything about Ron Paul until his buddy was giving him shit about how the media didn't give Dr Paul a fair shake... So Ben started watching to see if it was true... Low and behold the media did blackout Dr Paul, and once Ben read up on Ron Paul a little bit more... He fell in love with the idea of freedom and liberty just like the rest of the world...
I'll try to find the video of Ben explaining this.

Yay Ron Paul!!!!
Freeeeeeedom calls!!

I'm in Birmingham Alabama!!

I am going to be sending an e-mail tonight!!

For a second, I thought this was another

"Procreate for Liberty" threads!!! I was like.. Ben's cool and all but that's where I draw the line and it'll never work anyway...

(sorry.. JK.. I'm just in a good mood tonight)

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Lololol ^^^^^

“The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.” - F.A. Hayek

I am

Also in a good mood tonight :)

Good stuff

man....thanks for doing the work on this and throwing it up here for us. Will definitely follow through on it.

reedr3v's picture

Superb thinking and great organizing,

thanks for this terrific project.

Great work!


Mirand Sharma

Couldn't' they just syndicate

Couldn't' they just syndicate Swann at their other stations since he covers a national news event?

This is bigger than any individual

yup..that's smartest way to keep costs down and avoid non-

duplication; however...locally they could all go out there and show Ron in front of their local university crowd amongst 5000 screaming fans.


Agreed. Syndication would be a good option for them.

Some of them won't have a spare reporter for the job and perhaps syndicating Ben would be something they can do versus nothing.

It's important to get more reporters' faces on these videos, and we all want to see them cover more local events too though; so it should be presented as an option, never as the suggested way.


Held them accountable!

Everybody wants some good ratings, nobody wants bad ratings.
If you do a good job, you get rewarded by the viewers:


Just remember not to come off

Just remember not to come off as a protestor. They should comply if they enjoy profits. We can show them Swan's ratings over everyone else's.

"I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove."

Send this post -


and bump it until we multiplied him by 35






Fantastic! I will be contact the ones close to me and

get my friends here to do the same - what an excellent idea - and thanks for doing the work of gathering the names! THANK YOU!!!!!




hell ya lubbock TX! ill send an email or whatever i can to them!!