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Liberty Delegates Rule Maine, Nevada & Iowa Today

Guess who is Catching on Folks 8)

Bangor Daily News
The Press Herald
Boston News

21 of 24 delegates and all 21 alternates for Paul, three super-delegates of course are Romney's. We also won National Committeeman and Committeewoman and Presidential Electors.

DeMoines Register
WHOTV Article

Ten of the 13 have expressed public support for Paul, such as by donating money or volunteering for his campaign.

News 8 Article
News 19 Article
RGJ Article
Another RGJ Peace…No Peace
FOX Las Vegas
Vegas Sun

13 of 13 at large

22 of 25 Nevada National Delegate SLOTS **CERTIFIED**

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Email to Drudge

while you are at it please

Drudge is irrelevant. He sold

Drudge is irrelevant. He sold out to Rmoney.

Sadly, this is true. I've

Sadly, this is true. I've been sending in articles about all the Paul wins, and Drudge has yet to cover it at all.


I sent all of these links. It is rather sad because he used to have a radio show on Sunday night in Austin. When it stopped, I suspected it was from his accurate reporting of liberty violations and the police state be errected all around us.

I will say this though, it is very possible that Matt knows that if he post all these stories, it could be detrimental to Dr. Paul. I will not throw out the baby and bathwater, because I feel I know drudge.

You might be pissed at me for saying this, but if I had the drudgereport I might also not post the wins as much as you think. It draws fire and although we have plenty of Ammo, you don't strike until you see the whites in thier eyes.

In it to spin it

Paul and Weed have been downplaying successes.

So I suppose they keep a low profile on purpose.

Perhaps. I still use

Perhaps. I still use Drudgereport as my primary news site. Well, DailyPaul works for my Paul campaign needs, but Drudge is my main news site. Regardless or any kind of favoritism or views he might have, I don't know of any better compilation of what's going on. I'd rather not visit CNN, Fox, etc. Even if he links to them, I want them to know that I'm going through another site to get there.