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Already It's Starting: MSNBC - "The Revolution Is On"

By Dave Price | WHO-TV/MSNBC
May 5, 2012

In 2008 during the Republican presidential primary race, supporters of Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul would scream out, “Ron Paul!” Others would then reply, “Revolution!” (It’s not quite as good as my fellow Missouri Tigers when we yell, “M-I-Z!”, with a response of “Z-O-U!”) I must admit I don’t recall the revolutionaries screaming out that same Ron Paul chant this cycle. But while Paul has not won a single state so far this primary season, his followers could still make an impact.

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MSNBC is on a No-Click priority...

Should they want my business they must get rid of several non essential air "talent." Same with FOX, CNN, NBC< CBS, ABC...have I left any out?

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate


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Mitt Romney is the Republican Party Nominee

The WinLiberty site

has the best info and directions for making the media listen. I suggest you check on that site to focus on local news media. Pound them with info and video.

seriously, stop clicking their links or viewing their stations

And tell everyone you know to do the same thing. We need a list of their sponsors to contact and boycott if they continue to run ads on those networks/stations/websites.

What the media has done is despicable, as far as I am concerned they need to fall. They will never have my trust again. Best thing to do is cut them off.

I will investigate a way to to attend the local FCC meetings and we can work from grassroots levels to remove them from broadcasting.

They done **** in their mess kit. It's over and there's no saying their sorry, lets eliminate them.

what is starting?

i don't get it

Ron Paul has won elections;

Ron Paul has won elections; Mizzou hasn't won anything ever in any sport. Don't ever mix those two.

"Pauliacs," "Ronbots," "Paulbots..."

I have heard all of these terms used, but I have never heard any of us refer to ourselves as such. I believe these labels are another attempt by the MSM to score points.

well the way they fawn over Romney

I will just refer to them as Romulans

Willard's army of rats.

I refer to them as rodents. The image of the Rocky and Bullwinkle moon mice come to mind.

[F]orce can only settle questions of power, not of right. - Clyde N. Wilson

Mitt's Minions

Is the term I prefer.

How about Mittsits..or

How about Mittsits..or Mittsfits

+1 for the Mittsfits lol.

+1 for the Mittsfits lol.


WTF is that? Our battle cry is infinitely more important than any stinkin' school game. Only a fool would compare or even relate them.

"In January, the Iowa

"In January, the Iowa Republican Chairman (now former chair) Matt Strawn declares Mitt Romney the winner. Then, two weeks later, he calls it a tie. Then later that week, he declares Rick Santorum the winner. Then, later this summer, Paul actually has more delegates in the state. Does that actually make Paul the winner?"

C'mon man. What else could it possibly mean? If the person with the most delegates isn't the winner, who is? What a stupid question.

Why does he say "Then, later this summer," instead of NOW? The Revolution is happening NOW and they're trying to make it seem like nothing is going on. Sorry but that's dishonest and downright immoral if you ask me. Just some more of the usual from these guys.

Keep kidding yourself MSNBC

Quote: "But while Paul has not won a single state so far this primary season"

Not a single state? How about winning 5 and more to come, how about being on the Republican National Convention ballot, how did that happen, can you tell us MSNBC?

It seems MSNBC tells the lie and then believe in it!

The stupid mainstream

The stupid mainstream media's definition of winning a state is via the popular vote. They know nothing about the delegate process!

Oh, they know. They know, but

Oh, they know. They know, but they are dealing with propaganda, not truth. Never underestimate your enemy.

Lame article but what else would you really


~Your perception becomes your reality~

This article is still a

This article is still a hatchet job.


This is because their ratings are dropping and they are starting to realize that we no longer give a crap what they say.

egapele's picture

But we are watching them very carefully.

They will be our next "hijack" attempt. We are tireless, and we will succeed.

Tired material

"his followers could still make an impact."

Well, only if you think completely revamping the GOP from the local levels up is an impact. Perhaps if you would count projecting the media ignored under-dog to serious contention for the nomination an impact, then yes the statement rings true.

However "impact" seems out of context here. I mean, after all, insects make an impact on the windshields of cars all the time.

A better way to have described the effect that Ron Paul's supporters are having on the primary season may have been as follows.

But while Ron Paul has not won a single state so far in terms of straw polls, his followers have, through their relentless and tireless determination, challenged that status quo candidate to an intellectual and philosophical challenge that cannot be swept under the rug of the public's incredibly short attention span due to the Paul campaign's mass allocation of state delegates moving on to the RNC in Tampa.
Ron Paul supporters have taken a stance in such a dynamic way that an impartial observer might liken them to the very revolutionary bands that stood behind other great patriots of the past as they took on a tyrannical system of injustice and oppression. As mounting successes come to pass with each state convention the words of Congressman Paul surely must echo in the ears of his faithful electors and even more so in the ears of the current corruption that has infiltrated the beloved institutions of our Republic.
"No army or government can stop an idea whose time has come."

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin


That is exceptionally well written. Ron Paul supporters are smart people.

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Wow, RP is suddenly "popular" at MSNBC. Here's another


"Paul excites Nevada GOP with familiar themes"

updated 57 minutes ago

SPARKS, Nev. (AP) — Republican presidential long-shot Ron Paul energized a loyal following at Nevada's GOP state convention with familiar themes, calling for limited government, limited spending and personal freedoms.

Paul told a cheering crowd he'd cut $1 trillion from the federal budget and that people should have a "God-given right" to keep what they earn.

Link here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/47309524#.T6XY_VKCQ6U

long shot

nicest thing the media has said about him in a while.

They can keep sayin he aint won

a single state...were quietly taking more and more of a-hole's delegates and we all know Ron Paul won the straw vote in Maine, Iowa, and probably NH and others..

He also won the popular vote for the Virgin Islands and there is

No dispute about that.

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.


It's Newt's turn to"win Iowa", everybody should have a turn to be a fair game. LOL

With all due respect, I will no longer be a voting prostitute for Constitution rejecting harlots.

lol people lost their sense of humor

a upvote from me ;)