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A better alternative to delegate abstention

There has been a lot of talk about delegates abstaining and many people feel that this is the only option for Ron Paul to win. I have nothing against this strategy but I think there is a much better option that should be taken into consideration first. Rule No. 32 of the RNC states:

"A motion to suspend the rules shall always be
in order, but only when made by authority of a majority
of the delegates from any state and seconded by a
majority of the delegates from each of five (5) or more
other states severally."

This means that if the majority of the delegates are Ron Paul supporters, regardless of who they are bound to vote for, they can vote to suspend the rules and unbind all the delegates. The reason I think this is the better alternative to abstaining is because it would clearly be justified by the rules, while abstaining can't. If the delegates abstain then prevent Romney from getting 1144 delegates, it will be very easy for the RNC Committee to justify denying Paul the nomination. But if we do it this way they can't do that because it has a specific rule to justify it. But if we fail to do this then we should abstain only as a last resort. Please let me know what you think.

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There was a Battle being Fought

....Tonight in Nevada.
It was re: "UnBinding the Delegates"...
Romney may have out-foxed our people tonight....but,

Tomorrow's a different story...another day.

Wars are won skirmish-by-skirmish, battle-by-battle.

Pray tonight for our brave warriors.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

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The motion requires a 2/3 vote

The motion requires a 2/3 vote of all of the delegates to pass. I would hazard a guess that the motion would go down in flames. The 5 state thing is just to second the motion. Keep thinking, though!

The rule says that the

The rule says that the majority of delegates in only one State must make the motion and the five states must second it. Am I interpreting this wrong?

Why do you think the motion would go down in flames? Just curious. After all, if we expect Ron Paul to win in a brokered convention, based on the fact that the majority of the delegates are Ron Paul supporters, then why wouldn't we expect those same Ron Paul supporters vote to unbind all the delegates so that they can have a chance to vote for their candidate?


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We could get the 6 states

We could get the 6 states for the motion and the second. Do you seriously think we could get the 1670+ votes for the motion to pass?

I'm not sure what the chances

I'm not sure what the chances are. The great majority of the delegate positions have not been assigned yet so there is still no way to know. But I know that in the CD conventions here in Oklahoma, Ron Paul supporters won the great majority of delegate positions. Same thing is happening in States like Massachusetts and now Virginia. I think there is a good chance of occupying 3/4 of the vote. But as I said, this will only be the first option, abstaining is the second.


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I hope you are right!

3/4 of the delegates would be the ultimate dream! And I thought I was optimistic...

At the very least making the motion and having a vote would certainly let us know our strength! I don't really see a downside to attempting it.

Here's the process...

A motion must be made, seconded, debated (if debatable), then voted on.

Some motions require majorities to pass. Suspending the Rules requires a 2/3.

The convention is governed by the Rules of the House of Representatives. In there, it says Suspending the Rules requires a 2/3 majority. (So does Robert's Rules by the way)

However, the House limits motions to suspend the rules to be only in order on certain days of the week.

Thus, the rule you cite above fixes that problem by saying the motion is always in order, but it must be moved and seconded by a higher standard than a regular motion.

It STILL needs a 2/3 to pass.

That's why it will go down in flames. Unless of course, Ron has enough stealth delegates to have a 2/3 majority.

Then it's all over for Romney for sure.